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Shiv and AdiShakti are inseparable; they symbolize Supreme God, Shiv with Supreme Power and Goddess, AdiShakti in feminine form, representing growth and nature. 
AdiShakti left Shiv after the earth was born; why? This is something important and symbolic; does it have any message?
Stories of Shiv and AdiShakti represented by Parvati and Sati, and also stories of Sur and Asurs are not merely stories but provide valuable information about initial turbulence and problems on earth, description of those problems and subsequent resolution. 

It is the growth story and true history of earth from Puraans or one can say from ancient India. Science from ancient India is symbolic in nature, it has to be deciphered.

Shiv is GOD and his CONSORT NATURE. 
Hindus believe in evolution. Obviously unlike in creation where PERFECT GOD can make PERFECT CREATION, evolution takes its own time; allows various actions, reactions taking place both inside earth, and on the surface of earth to harmonize within themselves and with the cosmos. It is easily said than done. It takes millions of years. Geographic practices and geological changes keep on taking place almost regularly, and it takes time for meaningful biosphere to develop which is sustainable.

When we say Shiv the supreme God and AdiShakti the supreme Power are one and inseparable, it simply means that god and nature must coexist, harmonize and blend with each other. This was not possible in the initial stages of growth of planet earth, so AdiShakti separates from God Shiv, interacts independently with forces both from cosmos and from within earth, and builds a road map for sustainable life to exist on this earth.

Separation of AdiShakti from Shiv rubbishes all claims from certain vested interests that Hindus believe in creation. Creation does not require a waiting period of millions of years, unlike Evolution.

Turbulence caused by various actions and reactions do take time to stabilize and allow evolution to succeed in providing life. 

Even with evolution, this happens perhaps in only one of the million planets that exist in cosmos, and this earth happens to be the fortunate one. 
We have life.

Ramayan, Mahabharat and Puraans are actually coded history, and once you understand this and also have faith in the fact that this religion is god-gift to humanity, everything becomes easy and understandable. For understanding Puraans, containing history of earth, one need not get bogged down by the use of the word code. Code here simply means interpreting the text using the current information and level of knowledge. This is the beauty of the code. Try this; you will get very rich information.

Sati a Sanskrit word used for females means lady who voluntarily ends her life.

AdiShakti is now Parvati, daughter of Himalayas, and at the beginning of the formation of earth was called Sati. 


Symbolically Sati here means that nature, including humans, animals, vegetation, and sea life kept on growing without decay and this created problems triggering further reactions and subsequent destruction or self destruction of this expansion of nature. AdiShakti then was called Sati, meaning self-destruction.

How many times during the very initial stage of the evolution of earth, this happened; I have no idea, because only greater in-depth study of these texts may reveal all this. And this could be better done by institutions.

On the other hand the information we are getting from the modern scientific world is that, now Himalayas are the father of nature and are nurturing 75% of the earth directly and 25% indirectly. However in the initial stages of growth, Himalayas were smaller in size and were not contributing to the growth of nature and life as much. It was an early or nascent stage of evolution. Links:

The grown up Himalayas, as we know them now are only 50 million years old, and scientific world informs us that they are still growing though the rate of growth is very slow. Parvati, the present form of AdiShakti is now the consort of Lord Shiv. If symbolism is to be believed then much better time in future is in store for us earthlings. 
But that may happen millions of years later.

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