Friday, April 30, 2010

Creation vs. Evolution and Hindus

Hindus have no conflict of interest with the theory of Creation and also that of Evolution. Hindus believe that GOD, after having created this universe, let the EVOLUTION take care of the rest.
This is one issue which has been addressed in detail in religious text of Hindus. We are the only ones who believe that the CREATOR or GOD, after having created this universe and set out broad and flexible goals for creation, let the EVOLUTION take care of the rest. As such there is no conflict between science and religion.

That Hindus have faith in the theory of Evolution is abundantly clear from the fact that we believe in the theory of incarnation of God. 

The incarnation theory can only work, when one believes that God sitting in heavens will NOT interfere in life of Human. If HE has to interfere, HE has to come on this earth, take birth, and then make the best use of opportunities, and evolve the path of Dharm. In other words create rules for the growth of society.

The second most important aspect of Hindu belief is CYCLIC EVOLUTION. 

That simply means that evolution will undergo repeated cycle of destruction only to recharge and revive, sometimes through the help of sages and, at times with the help of incarnated form of God. This theory simply answers every question (read: Hindu History..START OF A NEW KALP ). Once this theory is accepted the difference between people having faith in Evolution, and those having faith in Creation will be negligible.. After all what is the Biological difference between incarnated form of God, and a great person, who sets the path of Dharm?

Once the theory of incarnation, as propagated by Hindus is accepted, the potency (power) of God gets greatly reduced. In another word, it is the human interaction which is important to Hindus. Human interaction without barriers of religion would definitely improve relation between various faiths. The world could become a much better place to live in.

The other thing that baffles lot of knowledgeable person is why the Cyclic Theory of Evolution as propagated by Hindus is not being accepted. Everything is cyclic in nature, yet why cyclic evolution of human races is not being accepted defies most. Perhaps there are some skeptics, who because of their religious belief, still want to keep the growth of human races to about 6000 years or about…but there is no possibility of them succeeding now. We are in the information age. The only credible information about how old human races are can be obtained by accepting the cyclic theory (Please read my post: DURATION OF A KALP ).

Hindu religion is the oldest religion of the world. It has lot to contribute in the scientific advancement of the world. Have faith in Hindus and Historicity of Hindu religious text books. The world would then advance in a positive direction and NOT in the negative as it is doing now.


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