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Human incarnation of God becomes redundant, gives negative results until and unless we accept that God as Human incarnation would provide Dharm for mankind, through every important act of their life (Shri Ram, and Shri Krishna, Lord Parashuram life , in this instance).
WE now have some insight about the History of Treta yug, and, Ramayan. We now also know that a big part of the confusion in Hindu society is due to the fact that our RELIGIOUS LEADERS have neither accepted nor promoted the details in Ramayan as HISTORY.

Neither have they ever fully accepted or endorsed that Shri Ram was an incarnation of Vishnu, who came in Human form as Shri Ram to establish Dharm. Why have they not accepted the above is for them to answer? But if they are cornered to answer this, they will unashamedly (Besharmi se) retort that they have always accepted Shri Ram as a historical figure, and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
This reply, which we are invariably told, is far from truth, misleading and is with malafide intention to manipulate the masses.

Now that we are living in an INFORMATION AGE, we know how to access the truth and humbly request and seek more clarity on all issue. 
For instance:

1. We now know that in case Ramayan is to be understood as part of ancient history, we have to construct the geographical and social environment of that period to accept the content of Ramayan as History. We have to accept and understand that Valmiki’s Ramayan does not contain the geographical and social environment of that period. And that is true for most of the History books of today…so why an attempt is made to pass the judgment on Shiv Dhanush(SWAMBER OF SITA), Vaanars, Agni pariksha, without constructing the geographical and social environment of that period(in our Blog, we gave these details in the second post namely : HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP ) . 

2. The existing Valmiki Ramayan, which we now have, was made popular by our Saptrishis (in charge of popularizing Vedas, other religious texts, in all Yugs), around 3500 years earlier. According to the oriental studies, most of our religious text became popular during that period. No doubt, these are the first Kalyug edition of our religious texts. There are certain voids in this version of Ramayan, perhaps lost, while delivering this text orally to subsequent generations. For e.g. it is not clear from the text, what the yagna was, for which Vishvamitra asked Ram and Laxman to accompany him, but there are sufficient indicators to arrive at the real reason. Incidentally “yagna” a Sanskrit word does not means ‘sacrifice through fire’ as it is commonly believed; the real meaning is ‘concentrated efforts’. Shri Ram killed Tadaka but ONLY incapacitated Marichi another fearsome Rakshas who was an uncle of Ravan, and sent him thousands of Yojan(unit to measure distance) away . WHY? This is a void and the answer is ‘to persuade and bring Ravan for negotiation’ (read : RAMAYAN AND HISTORY ). 

3. The religious leaders have to tell the masses that Valmiki Ramayan, which is accepted as standard version of history of that period, apart from providing facts also contain certain explanations, which has nothing to do with historical facts. E.g. Shri Ram kept only ‘chayya’ of Sita before abduction of Sita, is a religious explanation of event and does not, and should not have any say in any of the Dharm(s) established by Shri Ram. E. g. Agni pariksha of Sita cannot be explained away by this. Shri Ram established this as ADHARM. 

4. Lot of people have started wondering why even now (in this information age), Hindu religious leaders and Gurus are trying to manipulate the masses by stating in one breath that Shri Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who came to establish Dharm, and in the second breath rejecting ‘that in every important event of Shri Ram’s journey, some Dharm was established’. Is it because lot of MONEY SPINNNG literature would go to waste? What could be the other reason for their malafide efforts to take the society towards negative zone of growth? People must seek answer to this.

It is important for everyone to understand that ‘Human incarnation of God’ theory totally fails and shall invariably give negative results until and unless we accept that human incarnation form of God would provide Dharm, for mankind, through every important act of their life(Shri Ram’s life , in this instance).


Roshmi Sinha said...

A nice read...

I also think that the word "vannar" is misunderstood/misinterpreted. It is thought to refer to "monkey". But I think it is actually "van nar". "Van" meaning "forest" and "nar" refers to "human". So, "vannar" is essentially "forest dwelling human" or maybe "human with ape nature" and not "monkey".

Also, Sita and Mandodari (Ravan's wife) are said to have been very similar in looks/appearance. So much so... that even Hanuman was mistaken.

There is a line of thought... that Sita was actually Mandodari's daughter... in a story akin to Karna and Kunti.

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Kulbhushan Singhal said...

Roshmi Sinha

Thanks for your comments..

My problem is that I have to be as close as possible to the text of Valmiki, and my intention is that somewhere down the line there will be some serious discussions.

Anonymous said...

找一個懂妳的人也期許自己做一個人懂別人的人 ..................................................

Common Hindu said...

You still has not answered directly question by Roshmi Sinha.

Unknown said...

I think I have replied to all comments, except for repeating what has already been said in various posts.
However, in case you are more specific, I will post a DETAILED reply.
Thanks, once again for your interest and comments...


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