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Just listen to any discourse on Ramayan, and one would realize that all events in it are being explained away by assigning supernatural powers to characters. 
And I am penning this in the year 2014, in this world and age of information, where people are trying to gather information from all corners of world and giving it to experts and also publishing the non-vulnerable part so that their students can benefit from this.
And as if this is not enough, we proudly acknowledge when overseas writers explain certain events in the past linking them with Ramayan or Mahabharat. 

Having stated the facts as above, one fails to realize why Purans, Ramayan, and Mahabharat, are not being reconstructed so that this generation which has sufficient information could appreciate the scientific progress of that ancient time and Hindu youths and students could use this information which would then be in their system for further research.

But that is NOT happening, why? Only Sanskrit colleges and universities in India can answer this.

As far as my information goes, every university has a Sanskrit faculty, and they by default are the custodians of ancient Hindu religious texts and literature and also of the ancient history of the world written in coded language called ‘STOTRA”, in Purans, Mahabharat and Ramayan.

We keep on getting, now and then, information about the scientific development in ancient time, where some overseas research scholar has mentioned, Ramayan, Purans as reference. We also feel proud on getting such news, which is quite natural, as world outside India, too, had started appreciating the relevance and historical importance of our texts, but we never ever oppose Dharm-gurus, and request and persuade them to start explaining events in Ramayan , Mahabharat as history. 

For that all they have to do is to remove the supernatural powers assigned to characters, and then, one could enjoy these great epics as historical texts of ancient period. That is exactly how the overseas scholars are deducing from our religious texts, and that is how we too, must proceed. 

We will stick to events of Ramayan in this post.

The first big confusion is in not understand the meaning of word Yagna.

For instance Viswamitra requested that King Dasrath may allow Shri Ram, Lakshman to accompany him to the forest so that his yagna may be protected. What exactly was that Yagna? 

Previously, before independence, since the society did not have had the capacity to understand the scientific growth of Treta Yug, yagna was accepted as sacrifices offered to God through fire. But Yagna actually means serious and combined effort for a social cause. 

And to explain this away, it was usually explained that Viswamitra yagna (sacrifice through fire) was to appease God for betterment of society, a social cause. And now Dharm gurus, because of lack of imagination are asserting that yagna means sacrifice through fire. 

The real meaning of yagna can be understood from narration of this event from postRamayan and History’, as is being quoted now:
“After the birth of Shri Ram and when he was about 16 yrs old, Sage Viswamitra came to meet King Dashrath and requested assistance to bring around Rakshas headed by Ravan to some sort of arrangements so that human being evolving from the animal kingdom, through the long process of humanization may get a chance to survive and grow as civilized societies all around the world.  
At present they were being eaten up as other animals by Rakshas and were called VANARS. Sage Vishwamitra requested that for his efforts (Yagna) to succeed Shri Ram be allowed to accompany him as he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After much persuasion King Dashrath agreed.  
“Lakshman along with Shri Ram accompanied Sage Viswamitra in the forest where Tadaka lived along with her follower. They succeeded in enticing her for war where Shri Ram easily killed her and destroyed her fortress. They also incapacitated Marichi another fearsome Rakshas who was an uncle of Ravan and persuaded him to bring Ravan for negotiation.”
Now we all know that Ram used a fast aero plane to send Marichi to Lanka to bring Ravan. The aero plane looked like an arrow with blunted arrow head; this is how the plane is described in Ramayan.

Remember, Ram and Krishna, full human avatars come on this earth when the world is scientifically developed. Full human Avatars are NEVER required when the world is in nascent stage of development. Examples are Narsingh Avatar and Vaman Avatar for avatars for limited purpose during nascent stage of human growth and development.

For some more details of how scientific growth and development has been camouflaged using supernatural powers in Ramayan, 

Please read:
Vimaans, scientific growth during Ramayan distorted by Hindu Gurus

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