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Shiv Linga is ultimately and universally accepted symbol of energy provided by God for sustenance of all creation. It is an ENDLESS shaft like energy source energizing the entire universe
Our universe is constantly growing and expanding. This is what the scientific world tells us on the basis of physically measureable parameters. 
Here we are not concerned with technical details of those parameters, or other aspects. Here we are only concerned with the source of energy required and used by the universe to expand.
First let us understand that somewhere, something has to provide the energy for expansion. Science accepts this and also accepts that the energy equations are to be balanced. That is if sun while burning provides energy to our solar system, sun’s energy is getting consumed. The scientific world beliefs, that sun is slowly but surely consuming its energy stock and cooling down.
But while the scientific world talks of ever expanding universe, it is not in a position to explain the source of energy required for this expansion. Expansion of universe would require massive doses of energy constantly. If to keep our solar system in equilibrium, as we understand it, massive amount of energy is being provided by sun, then where is the source of energy for the expansion of universe? 

Scientific world does not have any answer, whatsoever. For expansion of universe Links:

But Sanatan Dharm has from time immemorial talked of SHIV LINGA the source of energy which is energizing the growth of universe. It is shaft like in shape, with no end or start of shaft visible and constantly providing energy for growth. There is also a story of Lord Brahma, the creator of universe, and lord Vishnu, the care taker of universe, trying to ascertain the start or end of this source of energy, but fail to do so. 

What exactly is the meaning of Shiv Linga? 

Obviously, as per science, the answer is that any source of energy which does not have to get balanced in the equation of energy received and energy consumed. 

The energy provided by God can never be balanced in an energy equation, and Shiv Linga is the symbol of such energy.

What does the symbol of Shiv Linga as visible in various Hindu temples all across the globe represent? Some say it is the male organ of productivity, other say it is the source of collecting the energy required to attract other sources of energy, and yet some simply worship it as symbol of Lord Shiv.

The answer cannot be a simple one. Faith is difficult to quantify or define in a scientific and unambiguous manner, and the same applies to Shiv Linga. True the temples at Khujrao have given directly or indirectly credibility to those who believe it to be male organ, but as said it is just faith and no reasons can be assigned to faith. There are others who believe that this represents the source of energy for sustenance of Shrishti (The Creation of God), and that is exactly what SHIV LINGA represents. And there are scientific reasons for the symbol of Shiv Linga as we see it in temples.

We were told since childhood that during lightening in case one is out, avoid taking shelter under a tree. Science tells us that lightening or one can say massive source of energy invariably chooses the shortest route. In case there is a large tree, lightening would strike there, as it is the shortest route to earth; in case a tall building is there, lightening strikes there and that is why we have lightening conductor in tall buildings. Shiv Linga in temples or everywhere, simply represent the source which would transact this energy coming from all sources, including cosmos and the MAIN SHIV LINGA, the ultimate source of energy sustaining this universe.

Shiv Linga, according to us and faithful all across the globe is ultimately and universally accepted symbol of energy provided by God for sustenance of all creation. It is an ENDLESS shaft-like energy source energizing the entire universe. Shiv Linga, as seen in temples, symbolizes and provides that shortest route for all POSITIVE ENERGY. It is constantly being watered so that it remains active and energized to ‘transact’ such energy. 

Anyone who is associated with electrical engineering or even electrical fittings would know that earthing wire/plate and accessories installed for earthing electrical equipment need to be occasionally watered, more so in summers so that earthing stays energized and active.

This earth is very fortunate that Lord Shiv resides on this earth, and accepts this earth as HIS abode.

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