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Vimaans, scientific growth during Ramayan distorted by Hindu Gurus

Let us get one thing absolutely clear: Scientific growth cannot happen in isolation. It requires education about existing growth, system to share information about growth, and also ‘demand from society, rulers’ for the scientific growth.
As per Surya Sidhanta and Puraans, the various periods of Yugs are as follows:
  • SatyaYuga ………..14,40,000 years 
  • Treta Yuga………..10,80,000 years 
  • Dwapar Yuga………7,20,000 years 
  • Kali Yuga………… .3,60,000 years 
  • Sandhi Kaal………..7,20,000 years; ..Total duration  = 43,20,000 years.
There are different lengths provided in some texts, and there are other confusions too, regarding whether real time as known to us, or some other definition of time was used which we have NO idea. This requires research and scientific reconciliation. However till such time this is not done, one can use the following on the basis of real time, as we understand:
  • Satya Yuga ……………5,18,400 years 
  • Treta Yuga…………… 3,88,800 years 
  • Dwapar Yuga………… 2,59,200 years 
  • Kali Yuga……………...1,29,600 years 
  • Sandhi Kaal………… ...2,59,200 years >> 
  • Total duration         =    15,55,200 years.         READ: DURATION OF A KALP
Accepting the least figure, when Shri Ram was born, at least 6,00,000 years of the new era had passed. 6,00,000 years is a lot of time, considering that we have only crossed 5000 years of Kalyug, and from a primitive state, from where humanity had started post Mahabharat, we are now fighting a threat of extinction, because of “Scientific growth at the cost of nature and environment”.

Understandably there was scientific growth during that period, too. Ramayan has description of Vimaans, meaning flying machines. However scientific growth cannot happen in one field. This we know for certain on the basis of information we possess. Any growth covers a wide spectrum of areas of interest of society and individual. For e.g., when steam engine was discovered, it covered large requirement of society from use in ships, industries, locos, defense, production of electricity, etc.
Herein-above we were talking of discovery of first stage i.e. steam engine. Flying m/s requires larger sophistication and multiple stages of growth. Obviously if flying machines, i.e. vimaans were there, then there was much larger growth in other fields. For instance, sophistication in weapons, communication, health and medical, general society welfare, was certainly there. This information, about Ramayan, had not been highlighted by Gurus, killing all chances of research in material available and used in TRETA Yug and other allied research.
One fails to understand that, though every Guru wants, that he should be treated at par with God, and would feel insulted if this is not done, then why is there knowledge, and society centric attitude below par?

Ramayan, the history, provides information about scientific growth of that time. However to decipher all those information, one needs to accept and ensure that no SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any characters of Ramayan. Secondly unnecessary interpolations or interpretations, which totally change the facts about Ramayan, are to be avoided. For e.g.: Gautam Rishi became extremely angry for the alleged indecent behavior of Ahiliya, his wife, and the next thing we know is that she was killed. The interpolation used in Ramayan suggests that she was cursed into stone.

Such interpolations or interpretations are not required, as they convert history into myth. They totally hide the real facts of that time and make it look like a period of prehistoric time where certain myths are added such as flying m/s, Hanuman taking a jump to Lanka, and to top it all, Hanuman taking an aerial route, without the benefit of flying m/s to Himalayas.

Remember Ramayan, with SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers available to characters of Ramayan is a MYTH, and ensures that possibility of research about the period of Ramayan never takes off, making sure that Hindu society do not get the benefit of its rich historical heritage.

Here is some information about the then growth story apart from Vimaans:

1. When Hanuman Ji was going to Lanka, in search of Sita, it is very clearly mentioned that there was radar there which not only detected intruders, but also automatically dealt with them.

2. During Tadaka Vadh, Shri Ram send Marichee, the uncle of Ravan to bring Ravan for negotiations, providing him a fast flying m/s which looked like an arrow.

3. Hanuman used flying m/s to fetch herbs from Himalayas, and there is proof of it. Tell me where one would lay a trap on ground for a person flying through air. Obviously, where the flying m/s would be refueled or serviced. If Hanuman Ji was flying using supernatural powers, how would Ravan decide where to lay a trap?

4. Note: wherever the word Nag is used, it does not necessarily mean Snake, it also means ‘biological or chemical’ weapons. Similarly, ‘Mantra Siddh’ weapons means, ‘biological/chemical/guided’ weapons. NAGPAASH was a biological/chemical weapon, with could attack an individual from a distance. The potency was extremely toned down, so that it could not become a mass killer. This weapon took time to kill.

5. Garurd was an air borne medical/ ambulance service.

6. If Rakshas were using ‘biological/chemical/guided’ weapons, how could they have been defeated by stone throwing Vaanars? Vaanars were evolved humans who were exploited both by kingdoms and Rakshas, and Ram Lakshman trained them during their stay in forest. Vaanars were also using the then modern weapons.

7. If the wooden sleepers of Shri Ram were placed on the throne of Ayodhya, and since the protocol/sensitivities now and then is the same, the obvious conclusion is that there was sophisticated communication set up between Ayodhya and Ram, as history clearly suggests that no person was acting as a messenger. 

The big question for every one of us to answer is that are we going to commit the PAAP of accepting Ramayan with supernatural powers assigned to the characters, and KILL the scientific growth story and also the various Dharm that we get from Ramayan, and allow Ramayan to be called a myth?


We will accept that NO supernatural powers were available to any of the characters, and ensure that the rich historical heritage that we get after accepting Ramayan as history of humans, is passed on to the legitimate beneficiary of this history, i.e., the Hindu society. In that case the scientific growth story during Ramayan will be accepted by the Hindus, and once they accept this there will be serious research which would benefit the Hindu masses.

Every educated Hindu now has a choice to make. Here Gurus will not help, because they were the ones who were supposed to take initiative for the growth of Hindu society, but, unfortunately, they are the ones who have increased the emotional content of Hindu religion, ensuring that the society moves in negative direction. Why they are doing this is another issue to be discussed exclusively in a separate post.

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