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Difference between AVATAR and GOD

As and when the quantum of Adharm increases to uncontrollable level, I come on this earth as Avatar to set things right; Lord Krishna. God thus only incarnates as and when the problems faced by humanity are unmanageable. When God did incarnate, the problems were unmanageable and certainly much more than the problems and atrocities faced during the last 1000 years of invaders rule, because God DID NOT incarnate then
Avatar means incarnation of GOD in the form of any living being. Manushya or Human Avatar means Human incarnation of God.

Now what exactly can be the difference between Avatar and God?
One thing we must understand very clearly. God is All Powerful. He can create, nurture, and destroy any thing on this universe, including living beings, vegetation, plants, stars, galaxies. HE is supreme. HE is INDEFINABLE. HE can be worshipped in any form. The choice is yours. One can worship HIM as a male, female deity, as SUN, or for that matter any planet or star, as stone, as any living being, or vegetation, or for that matter, as NIRANKAR, i.e. imageless GOD. The important thing is to get connected with him through the senses, and you are there.
Avatar, on the other hand is incarnation of GOD as living being. The purpose is limited, i.e. the avatar invariably assists in taking the humanity out of the most difficult conditions. Once those conditions improve, the Avatar leaves the earth. Since the presence is physical, Hindus very rightly accord more importance to Avatars.
A good number of SPIRITUALISTS feel that every human is an Avatar, because we have in our body, a part of PARMATMA (Sanskrit name for GOD) called ATMA (soul).Since a normal human being, even for that matter doctors, with most sophisticated equipments, have so far failed to see the physical form of what the ATMA is; some, perhaps rightly have concluded that GOD should not be confined to any shape.
But that is not the point of Discussion. Here we are interested in the DEFINABLE DIFFERENCE between GOD and Avatar.
“As and when the quantum of Adharm increases to uncontrollable level, I come on this earth as Avatar to set things right”; Lord Krishna from Gita. 
What are the standards of Adharm or atrocities then, for God to incarnate?IF we think honestly, we will straight away realize that God does everything very fairly. HE would only incarnate as and when the problems faced by humanity are unmanageable. 
That means that as when God did incarnate, the problems were unmanageable and certainly much more than the problems faced by we Hindus during the last 1000 years of invaders rule. This we know for certain, because God DID NOT incarnate then. Yet this fact, unfortunately, is NOT being told by GURUS to the faithful, resulting in Passive attitude.
In fact the human incarnation of God is for a large number of Adharms taking place at that particular time along with the rider that such Adharm are extremely SEVERE and UNMANAGEABLE by humanity. 
We know for certain that Shri Ram’s Avatar was because of serious atrocities being committed on females and on EVOLVED humans who were called Vaanars at that time. The atrocities were being committed with full sanction of religious Gurus of that time. Ram ended all this.
Note: That while the incarnation of God as other living being is for a relatively limited purpose, the human incarnation, or Manushya Avatar is for a much larger purpose.Remember: EVERY EVENT IN THE LIFE OF HUMAN OR MANUSHYA AVATAR WOULD PROVIDE A DHARM. And that Dharm would be applicable for all times to come. It should not be very difficult to understand. 
IMPORTANT:The creator of VEDAS, other religious TEXTS comes on this earth as Avatar, and by example, teaches the Dharm. Since human incarnation of God creates History, it thus gets recorded as such, and all that the faithful have to do is to understand the narration of that history, which is always simple and in story form. Dharm becomes very simple indeed. Sanskrit, and formal education in Hindu religion is not required.
But after independence Religion has become money spinning business. Powerful persons posing as Gurus are involved. They are supported by Politicians who need votes from such powerful persons. Dharm has been made complicated and DIVORCED from society. Gurus are working overtime to somehow convince the faithful that reference point for success or failure of Dharm in any society need NOT be the Society, but Vedas, and other TEXTS.This increases the emotional content of religion. 
BRAINWASH of faithful is done by these so called Gurus, so that the faithfuls start feeling that anyone who is using verifiable statistics to inform Hindu society that wrong Dharm was being preached, is showing disrespect to Vedas and otherTexts. They even forget that Lord Vishnu is the guardian of all Vedas and as such the best practical way of getting Vedic knowledge is by following the Dharm as established by Avatars of Lord Vishnu.The solution to all this can be achieved by educated Hindus. But there attitude is extremely Passive. 
It is time that educated Hindus must stand up and tell the Hindu Society that Verifiable statistics cannot deceive.

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