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Hindus, Adharm called Agni Pariksha, and Sita Ram

It is quite clear that Shri Ram established as an Adharm the Agni Pariksha of Sita. The Adharm was established not by Lord Vishnu, but human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, whom we know as Ram and Sita. The amount of their sufferings as humans cannot be described in words. Yet we are not in a position to take advantage of this Adharm (for which Shri Ram and Mata Sita suffered a lot) as our religious Preachers or Gurus do not want any improvement in Hindu Society.
Other example: Saints and accomplished religion stalwarts were awarding drastic punishment (including death) to females in forest on pretext of upholding Dharm. Gautam Rishi and Jamagadni (father of Parashuram), are example of these. One saint killed his wife while other tried to kill his wife. Even serious offence like having forced sex with wife of close relative, like Bhraspati, had NO opposition from Dharm. Shri Ram killed Bali for this offence.
Remember: Agni pariksha of Sita signifies not only the Adharm that this was; but all atrocities in the name of religion and religious acceptance of exploitation, that the females were forced to undergo. An example is multiple marriages of males’ accepted by religion prior to establishment of Ram Rajya.
Shri Ram ended all this and RULED that the maximum punishment that can be awarded for alleged indecent behavior of females could be disownment. As for males, HE ruled, that they were supposed to have one wife only, and he led by example. He did not marry second time even after the Disownment of Sita although legally HE was entitled to it.

Another thing that is quite apparent is the fact that Rakshas were forcibly taking away females and after forcefully enjoying sex with these females, they were abandoned. These females were forced to undergo Agni Pariksha where they invariably died, or forced to live elsewhere where they were usually exploited.

We also have to remember that Gautam Rishi, who killed his wife Ahaliya, was also the Raj Purohit of King Janak. One of the duties of Raj Purohit was to educate the prince and princess of that state. Sita refused to accept Gautam Rishi as her Guru because he had killed his wife Ahaliya.

All along, since independence our religious preachers or GURUS are trying to defend the criminal action of these saints and in doing so, Hindus are not in a position to highlight the real purpose of incarnation as Shri Ram. And the unfortunate or rather the unbelievable part is that we are forced into this situation by our Gurus. In fact Ram Bashing in independent India continues unabated thanks to our attitude, and Gurus. Simply by removing Interpretations and Interpolations, falsification of events in Ramayan will end, and people will know that Shri Ram established Agni Pariksha as Adharm.

Believe me the entire attitude of the Hindu society would change if we accept that Shri Ram and Mata Sita were human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, who came on this earth to establish Dharm. Once we accept this then every important event in the life of Ram and Sita would provide Dharm. This would most certainly change the attitude of Hinds, which is extremely passive. But this will cause serious financial loss to existing Gurus, so why would they allow this to happen? As far as Hindus are concerned, they get satisfaction from discussing the critical condition of Hindu society sitting in their drawing room and they feel that this is all they have to do.

We cannot simply be a mute spectator when Hindus are facing so many crises. Saying Shri Ram is not enough. Everyone must contribute, and make things positive for Hindus. This is our only Dharm. My declared and stated views are that Dharm has to find ways to end Corruption and SUPPORT the aspiration of Hindu Society for ROTI KAPRA aur MAKAAN. 

So where do we go from here? Remember we and we alone can change all this…

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Unknown said...

Very unfortunate, yet correct. Its true ancient history known as Puraans are full of MISDEEDS of the then Saints and Gurus...

Yes. maybe, to defend the misdeeds of those saints, Ram Bashing is being allowed...Very Sad


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