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सनातन धर्म अत्यंत प्राचीन धर्म है, और पहले ऐसी अनेक स्थिति से गुजर चूका है, जब शक्तिशाली लोग ने इसमें हेर फेर करके इसे व्यक्तिगत लाभ के लिए प्रयोग करा है~~Sanatan Dharm is very old and there had been situations in the past, when powerful persons manipulated the Dharm, for their own personal greed and power, and there are several proof of the same in Puraans.
Before understanding exactly what is happening, we must first accept and understand that Sanatan Dharm is actually very old, and was there right from inception of humanity. A Dharm can last for such a long period of time, only when it has enough positive inputs to ensure continuous growth of Society following that Dharm.

While accepting this, we also have to accept and understand that there would have been situations in the past, not once but several times, when powerful persons could manipulate the Dharm, for their own personal greed and power, and there are several proof of the same in Puraans. We shall be providing links towards the end of the post as proof of the same.

However we do not need links to prove the manipulation of Dharm because the incarnation of God, more importantly in human form as Bhagwan Parashuram, Shri Ram and Lord Krishna, establishes conclusively that Dharm do got manipulated by powerful persons.
This post actually is in continuation of the previous post: CONCEPT OF SAPT RISHIS IN SANATAN DHARM 
But first we must understand the modus operandi that is used by Sanatan Dharm to address different societies that would have existed at different times, ages, with little or no information to highly educated and informed ones. Unfortunately the same, in the absence of a Centralized agency is  manipulated to exploit the society, as follows:
  1. By delinking religion from performance of Samaj, following this. This is done when the society is slave or for other extreme reasons, when survival of society is prime or only concern. Rest of the time performance has to be linked.
  2. By preaching wrong version of religion. Ex: A society which is slaving, uneducated and tormented and harassed by external invaders, could only be given emotional dosage of religion. The society may be told that foreign invaders are like Rakshas, and these Rakshas would definitely be wiped off, by Lord Vishnu, who is ever present on this earth in the form of Shri Ram. And while doing so the definition of Avatar (human incarnation of God) would be ignored. Further Avatars, Rakshas and other persons would be loaded with supernatural powers to further increase the faith of the society, in God, and to make them understand that ultimately good prevails, evil is destroyed. This was done when Hindu Society was slave, but why now?
  3. By ignoring or falsifying the definitions of various important words used in Sanatan Dharm. Every important word need to be properly and physically defined. Ex., Dharmic person, Spiritual Person, etc. They also wrongly insist that History of incarnated God, ie, Ramayan and Mahabharat are religious texts. True they were preached more like religious texts when the society was uninformed, uneducated, but why today? Please read for correct definition : MEANING OF WORDS: SANATAN DHARM, DHARMIC, SPIRITUAL, GURU, SAADHU
  4. By providing misleading or false reasons for decline of society, believing in that faith. They keep on saying is that society is becoming Adharmic(irreligious), whereas statistics show that spending on religion has increased tremendously after independence. Another ex: present Hindu society believes in Sanatan Dharm, but the verifiable parameters tell us, it is going down, while the Gurus preaching the faith are becoming richer and powerful. So what does these gurus do to keep their flocks in good humor, and also to increase their numbers? Simple: they tell them that by performing Seva in the Guru’s Ashram, their ticket for heaven is booked. The fact is different. Pooja, rituals, seva performed at temple or Guru’s Ashram motivate one to be Dharmic person, and does not on its own constitute Dharm.
  5. Most important: to ensure performance of religion, Sanatan Dharm has pure religious texts like Vedas and Upanishads, and History of incarnated Gods. To ensure religious texts like Vedas and Upanishads are not misrepresented, history of incarnated God with supernatural powers is told when the society is weak and less informed, and WITHOUT supernatural powers when the society is informed and developing.
  6. Inability to separate knowledge on certain subjects, which naturally becomes part of such an old religion, from actual religion to be preached, and in doing so, these uneducated, uninformed Dharmic gurus, who, having used propaganda, have established themselves, as God, preach at times things which are totally wrong, and damaging to society. Ex: Yugs are something similar to year, except they are much longer, and need physical verifiable definition like year has.
  7. Not in a position to give clear verdict that Hindus accept and follow Evolution and do not believe in Creation.
Perhaps these are some of the important points which need be addressed. But there could be many more. A centralized committee of Sapt Rishi is the only option.

Links, establishing manipulation of Sanatan Dharm at various stages by powerful persons.

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