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Sapt Rishi was actually a centralized committee, to ensure and oversee the satisfactory performance of religion. It existed right from inception, from the time of Daksh Prajapati
We all have heard of Sapt Rishis in Sanatan Dharm, and how it is their sacred duty to carry the religion forward. We are also told, repeatedly, that they are IMMORTAL, and they invariably do their work. But then no one tells us why most of the sacred books that had been destroyed by invaders, had not been replenished by these Sapt Rishis, and why, they are not doing their job. 

Needless to say they SHOULD have interacted with the present Dharm Gurus, and had ensured that the society which is following the sacred Sanatan Dharm, progressed and the existing society should not have suffered the rot due to caste system, excessive emotional content of Sanatan Dharm, which is being preached by present Religious Gurus to ensure that the Hindu society keep on suffering while the gurus could reap the benefit of preaching, by way of power, luxury and wealth.

Secondly, as per the content that is being preached to us, one could understand that in Satyayug, Treta Yug, and Dwaaper Yug, the enemies had supernatural powers, which made these Sapt Rishis ineffective, forcing God to incarnate, and bring corrections. But the enemies in this Kalyug, had had NO such supernatural powers, at least in the recent past, when invaders, during the last 1000 years, ruled us, forced the Hindu Society to suffer unimaginable atrocities. Then neither the immortal Sapt Rishis were available with their supernatural gift to curse any one and destroy the offender, nor did God incarnate to help the society. NO SOMETHING IS WRONG.

And finally, we are also told, that one of the important reasons, why Sanatan Dharm had survived from time humans started dwelling on this earth, is because the Dharm is secure in the hand of Sapt Rishis, and they are, as told earlier, IMMORTAL. This I do believe, though not in the EXPLOITABLE way the society is being told about Sapt Rishis by Gurus.

What exactly is the meaning of Rishis? Rishis are not saints. They are experts, rather masters in different field, like medicine, astronomy, economics, military science, other fields, including scientific, civil and social. And Maha Rishis are those who have done some path breaking work using these subjects for the cause of humanity, and environment. Vashist was a Maharishi, so was Valmiki. Vishvamitr, also was a Maharishi for his exceptional work on service of humanity. 

Now back to the subject. As said earlier, I believe that Sapt Rishis are immortal; immortal not because they could surpass the age limit which brings end of others, but because Sapt Rishi was actually a centralized committee, to ensure and oversee the satisfactory performance of religion. It existed right from inception, from the time of Daksh Prajapati. But without its burial or without making it weak, society could never had suffered, so at some stage in the absence of proper rules, or at those stages of society when the education, information and growth was negligible, Sapt Rishis had been immortalized, and had stayed immortalized ever since.

Let us look at it the other way. We all know that Sanatan Dharm existed on earth since inception of humans. A Dharm can only survive for such a long time, when 

a) It has proper checks and balance.

b) Its objective for the society following it is clear and unambiguous; equal opportunity for all section of the society for growth. 

c) It respects the process of evolution. Hindus believe in Evolution and do not believe in Creation.

d) A Dharm which has survived since inception must have seen many cycles of evolution, growth and then destruction. Obviously Dharm preached for less educated, uninformed and less developed society would be different than those preached to developed, informed and educated society.

e) It has in built system to increase the emotional content of religion, when the society is less developed, passing through a difficult period, to ensure peaceful existence of the society during difficult time, and increase the physical content and reduce the emotional content of the religion, when the society is educated, developed and growing.

As things stands, Sanatan Dharm does have these inputs, and perhaps much more. However as said earlier, because of the exploitation, the centralized Sapt Rishi committee had been buried, immortalized, so that without ANY checks and balances, the society can be exploited. No wonder only recently, Hindu Society, had come out of 1000 years of slavery, and our religious Gurus, in their greed, had already planned their slavery again. 

Remember, there is NO way , the points mentioned above, could be implemented, if there was no centralized committee of Sapt Rishi

We shall be discussing much more about these issues in our next post related to this which would be: BRING BACK CENTRALIZED SAPT RISHI COMMITTEE FOR SANATAN DHARM

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