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If you feel Ramayan is history, you have to remove the coating of myth from this history. Dharm Gurus will NOT do this. why? Because the more the emotional content of religion, the MORE the EARNINGS. 
Hindu religion classifies Ramayan as ITIHAAS, meaning History. That certainly means that no Supernatural or Miraculous powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan. That also means that for humans, GOD SITTING IN HEAVENS WILL NOT LAY DOWN Dharmic rules, but a NORMAL human, as incarnation, would lay down rules.
That also means every event in which Shri Ram or Mata Sita were involved would provide a Dharm, yet no religious leader has made efforts to tell Hindus about this.
Here we shall be discussing Dharm that we get if we follow the History that is Ramayan. More specifically the Dharm we get when Ram dismantled Shiv Dhanush.
When we start finding out Dharm(s) from Ramayan, we also get an answer whether the void that are in Ramayan and which require construction has been correctly constructed.
After the VADH of Tadaka, Marechi was sent to Lanka to persuade and bring Ravan for negotiations in a fast Vimaan which looked like an arrow. King Janak also participated in the deliberations and one of the things that were agreed was that Weapon of Mass Destruction, Shiv Dhanush would be dismantled immediately. Janak decided that he would arrange a swambar, where the king/prince, whose team could dismantle Shiv Dhanush, would be married to Sita. Read : RAMAYAN AND HISTORY
We know that Ram fell in love after he saw Sita in a garden immediately before the swamber. The love’s visibility was so obvious that even Lakshman could gauge it and felt that Sita would be his Bhabi/Mata.
Now the Dharm today and in Treta Yug was and IS the SAME. Such love need to be pursued to the logical conclusion. Ram had also assessed that Sita was also in love with him. We know that Ram/Lakshman were accompanying Sage Vishvamitra and they had been invited to SEE (not participate in) the swambar. Ram could have directly or indirectly indicated to Sage Vishvamitra his intention to participate in the swambar, but he chooses not to do so.
Why? Was it wrong or right?
As earlier said Ram/Lakshman was on a mission which was being pursued by Sage Vishvamitra, and the mission was not complete. The mission would be complete after satisfactory dismantling of Shiv Dhanush, and maximum number of kingdoms endorsing/consenting to dismantling of Shiv Dhanush. Remember every Yug had its own way of recording a consent or decent. Kings and prince’s participation in the contest would automatically get registered as consent. As such, since Ram was on a serious humanitarian mission, his Dharm forbid him to think of other things except the mission.
The Dharm we get from the fact that Shri Ram did NOT declare his desire to contest is as follows:
When a person is on a mission for Humanity, Nation building, he/she is supposed to remain focused on the mission and under NO circumstances deviate/expect/accept any personal benefit out of it. Shri Ram did just that.
We also know when the entire kings failed to dismantle Shiv Dhanush Shrhei Ram(wn Sage Vishvamitra asked him to do so) dismantled it and claimed Sita’s hand in marriage.
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