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God INCARNATES in Human form as RAM and SITA to reduce Adharm

Hindu text and Dharm has classified Ramayan and Mahabharat as ITIHAAS; the meaning of which is History. Since Hindus firmly believe that Lord Vishnu incarnates in Human form as and when the proportion of Adharm reaches unmanageable level, Ramayan as Itihaas assumes greater responsibility for proper information about Dharm. History can be narrative and in story form, so that it can be understood by a commoner. No serious interpretation is required. All we have to accept and understand is that important events in Shri Ram’s life will provide Dharm.
However this fact that “all important events in Shri Ram’s life will provide Dharm” does not go well with Hindu preachers. The reason being that after the advent of TV serials on Ramayan and Mahabharat, it is no longer possible to manipulate Dharm, if they accept ‘all important events in Shri Ram’s life will provide Dharm’. We can straight away understand that Sanskrit and SHLOKS (which only preacher can pronounce and not an ordinary person) are not required to understand Dharm. As such the preachers and the Gurus do not want to simplify things. This is retarding the growth of society.

The other big phobia that is being passed on from generations and which is retarding the growth of the society, and taking us backward too, is the following:- 
1. To understand Hindu Dharm, one has to be properly initiated in the process of Hindu Sanatan Dharm. No one can deny that one needs basic information and education about Dharm…BUT WHERE IS THE CENTRALIZED AUTHORITY? How would the masses know that they are NOT being cheated and manipulated by saffron clad Sanskrit verses reciting THUGS? 
2. Dharm needs Brahmins, Pundits for performing Rituals associated with it. This is totally WRONG and erroneous. Only the physical performing part of the Religion is classified by ancient Maharishis as Dharm. This does NOT require any Pooja or Rituals. For details one can read my earlier post DHARM and RELIGION3. The response of readers that it is only here that Ramayan as a part of ancient history, can actually be accepted and understood as HISTORY, exposes the reason why, statistically, Hindu society is moving downhill. Manipulation of Hindu society by religious preachers and Gurus is the root cause and it is increasing. 
No one after reading the post : HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP, has had any problem in accepting the VAANARS to be Humans growing and developing in forests. If one just give this a thought one will find that incarnation, completely eliminates the need of Guru or preachers, as Dharm being simple could be understood by everyone. Religious PROPAGATORS, OR GURUS, because of their NON-SOCIETY-CENTRIC ATTITUDE are unable to accept even the real meaning of Incarnation. Incarnation means accepting characters in Ramayan and Mahabharat as humans having NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. 

DHARM or RELIGION has to be made simple; And it is SIMPLE. Please DO NOT DECIEVE the Masses. Dharm or Hindu Religion (the physical performing part), can be taught by any preacher in any language, and it is NOT necessary that the preacher should know Sanskrit. However one has to understand that edition Valmiki’s Ramayan, which is the basis of all subsequent Ramayan(s), in various languages, was produced by sages for Kalyug about 4500 yeas earlier. After that no further edition has been received. We know that after Mahabharat, civilized society was completely destroyed by Barbarianism and natural calamities. 

As such, at around 2500 BC, Stone Age started, with no known history because of the massive destruction. Surely these Stone Age Humans, in order to reach here, must have passed through various stage of growth, agony, attitude to accept or reject certain things, pertaining to religion and other issues. Considering the above circumstances it is indeed credible that Ramayan did not go through massive misinterpretation. 

However certain interpretations which were used till now must give way to more realistic and actual interpretations. At places Valmiki Ramayan contains explanations (which has nothing to do with actual event, and as such can be ignored), which were used earlier when less information was available, but why are they being used now is serious manipulation. Ex: During Agni Pariksha of Sita, Agni Dev testified about purity of Sita. Please note this is an explanation and has no use in information age. 

I repeat, DharmGurus, are manipulating real meaning of Incarnation. Incarnation means accepting characters in Ramayan and Mahabharat as humans having NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. We must connect Dharm with the welfare of Hindu Society…But so far this is missing.

All readers and Hindu Society must do something.


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Respected Sir
I am happy to see your reply on blogspot.I appreciate your research about Ramayana.since I was busy in my research work I could not check your answers.I have so many doubts because I have studied lot of things from different places and also I am fed up with the things going in society.In future I also want to explain the real meaning of slokas of Ramayana to people.


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