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RAM RAJYA was the Rule of Civil and Dharmic LAWS

Ram Rajya was the RULE OF LAW where Dharm and Civil Administration worked in complete HARMONY, to ensure that the Dharmic and Civil Laws were harmonious for the welfare of the entire society
Before we discuss anything in this post it is important to understand the meaning of Sanatan Dharm. The non-bookish meaning of Sanatan Dharm is the welfare of the entire Hindu society on equal opportunity basis.
Ram Rajya was the RULE OF LAW where Dharm and Civil Administration worked together, in complete HARMONY, to ensure that the Sanatan Dharm, i.e. the Dharmic laws, and the Civil Laws were appropriate, and harmonious for the welfare of the entire society on equal opportunity basis. Such type of rule had only been possible during the time of Shri Ram and some of his successor.

The reason being, that it is certainly not easy to have a fair and just rule of law. By fair and just rule of law, we mean the King, i.e. the head of civil administration invariably has to make compromises for the purpose of proper administration. Administration of civil laws, fairly, is certainly not easy. 

But it did happen in Ram Rajya. It has been an accepted belief throughout the ages, that if the King rules his kingdom fairly and impartially, he also gets the blessings of the Cosmos or God. And this is exactly what was happening in Ram’s administration. Because of completely fair and just rule of law, even the children of people living in the kingdom never met untimely death.

The king has to make compromises in providing justice for various reasons; sometimes to APPEASE his public. It is often said that Shri Ram, for the purpose of establishing People Sensitive Administration, DISOWNED Mata Sita, although she had earlier successfully passed the dreaded Agni Pariksha test. If this was true then there was no possibility of Ram Rajya, because Mata Sita was ENTITLED to a fair trial; and if she had not been given a fair trial, there was no possibility of getting blessing from cosmos and God. She was given a fair trial (READ: AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA – FACTS). Otherwise how can you explain the blessing of Cosmos and God that even the children of people living in the kingdom never met untimely death? 

However there is still a large section of Gurus, who are propagating that Mata Sita was DISOWNED to establishing people sensitive administration, i.e. in other words, Mata Sita was DISOWNED to APPEASE his public. This is totally wrong, and do not get reconciled with the larger issue of “completely fair and just rule of law”, which was the basic perquisite for establishing Ram Rajya. NO, Mata Sita was DISOWNED after a fair trial on the basis of evidence produced. 

The other thing that is important to understand is that for the first time representative of Vaanars were given a permanent seat in Ayodhya. We know that Vaanars were Evolved Humans who were living in forest, or VAN. They were treated very badly and as animals by the Kingdoms. Even Parashuram’s pursuits failed to provide desired result (Read: HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP). Shri Ram stayed in the forest for fourteen years for proper settlement/rehabilitation of Vaanars and also won the all important battle against Rakshas, killing Ravan.

This provided for the first time an opportunity to Shri Ram to tell the kingdoms that Vaanars would have equal stake in the growth and development of the world. Ram Rajya was thus not a rule for Ayodhya, but for all Humanity. 


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Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear.............................................................

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I think Ram was a just king as any other king.And crule too .
Because No one allowed to say single word againest him , there was armed detective deployed there they could punish on the spot except death penalty.
He leave a pregent wife in forrest secretly just to maintain his crown.

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I fail to understand from where did you conclude that Shri Ram was cruel. The best test for any one is to put himself in place of Shri Ram. Now here are the facts:

1)Shri Ram has already made a commitment to settle/ rehabilitate VANARS, the evolved humans in the forest. These evolved humans were treated as animals, some even called them monkeys.So he moved into forest for 14 years, settled these Vanars in the borders of forest, and also trained them militarily so that they can defend themselves.Now please tell us what was cruel about it.

2)We know that Mata Sita and Shri Ram were human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Godess Lakshmi. Now if one does not not believe in this even then he can proceed and make his assesment after getting the facts. Please note there was serious exploitation of females during Pre Ram era,, in which Dharmic leaders were also involved. Agni Pariksha represents the brute exploitation of females using Dharm. Shri Ram and Mata Sita established Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM. How? I am afraid to avoid repeating what has been stated in details in the post, I would request you to read the following posts:

c. Pre Ram Era..Dharm used for exploitation of females..Ram ended this

Now my question to you is: IN CASE YOU HAD TO ADVISE SHRI RAM HOW TO ENSURE ABOLITION OF AGNI PARIKSHA, HOW WILL YOU DO IT? Shri Ram followed the Maryada of the time by asking Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha, but as King when he was adjudicating on the issue he declared that Agni Pariksha cannot be used to certify loyalty/chastity of females. Was it a wrong Judgment? Please read my post AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA ....FACTS.

Now please tell us what was cruel about it.


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