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Serious Sufferings of Sita; reason for Radha not Marrying Krishna

It is often said that the woman, more so of Hindustan, is a symbol of Endurance. It is TRUE also. But the sufferings that Mata Sita suffered were far too great and cannot be classified as simply as this. Immediately after marriage with Shri Ram, or thereafter, her sufferings began, and they never subsided save for some period here and there.
The first was the award of Vanvaas to Shri Ram. As a responsible and dutiful wife and Princess, she insisted and went to forest with Shri Ram. Staying in forest for a young Princess was certainly not easy. Yet she earned respect from every one because of her exemplary behavior.
But that is not the main reason for this post. The main reason for this post is the EXPECTATIONS of this male dominant society that female are supposed to bear it all, and males get away with some inconveniences, and that’s all. Perhaps Mata Sita symbolizes the sufferings that females were required to endure.

When Ravan came to meet Shri Ram after the disfiguring of Surpnakha and death of Khar and Dushan, he was advised by Shri Ram to request SANGHKAARNI, his Siddh Devi to stay in his garden during war so that Ravan could meet all his dead relatives, as and when they died in war with Ram, and see them alive and happy (Read: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT SITA ). This advice was given as it was difficult for a person of stature of Ravan too, to bear the death of all his near and dear ones and still continue to fight. Sita was sitting nearby and heard all the conversation. 

She knew she was Sanghkaarni. It was Sita’s UNILATERAL decision to cross Lakshman Rekha, perhaps, to give Ravan the message that she was there in human form and as such some more divine form of Devi will help him. However Ravan had other ideas as he abducted her.

Please understand that the explanations that Shri Ram asked Agni God to keep Sita till such time that he could kill all Rakshas, and kept Chayya of Sita instead of Sita, were explanations for earlier age when people were less informed. This was simply an explanation and cannot hold well in today’s world. As far as I am concerned my Ram was neither a criminal nor a hypocrite who would bless the abduction of Sita by requesting Agni Dev for safe keeping, and then ask for Agni Pariksha. As if this was not enough, he would then disown Sita to appease his public and satisfy his hunger for power. No he did no such things.

Please also understand that even Sita as SANGHKAARNI, is an explanation, which is just an emotional way of explaining a physical event, but the physical FACT remains that Sita was taken away to Lanka in the absence of Ram and Lakshman.

It was unilateral decision of Sita to cross Lakshman Rekha. Shri Ram was certainly not involved in it. But, nevertheless, it was not a decision to get abducted, but a simple decision to give BHIKSHA. 

Shri Ram loved Sita dearly, yet after victory over Ravan, Sita was asked to perform Agni Pariksha. And after Agni pariksha, on reaching Ayodhya, she was disowned by Ram on the basis of physical evidence (READ: AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA ....FACTS ).
True all this was necessary to establish Agni Pariksha as an Adharm, but who suffered the most? Sita not Ram, on the physical front; may be on emotional front the suffering of Ram may be equal if not greater than Sita.

Sita knew that Shri Ram was not concealing his feeling and sufferings due to disownment of her from public, yet there was no sympathy for Sita. Shri Ram even went for Ashwamedh Yagna, with a golden image of Sita, yet there was no remorse in public of Ayodhya. It was for this reason that Sita ended her life.
But that was Treta Yug. In Dwapar Yug, the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi in the form of Radha, did not marry Shri Krishna. Perhaps Radha was not prepared to suffer just like Sita and send a strong message to the people of future Yugs that females alone will not suffer.
Do we as Hindus accept this as Dharm for Kalyug?

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