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Hanuman was a VAANAR and certainly not a Monkey

There is still some serious confusion whether Hanuman Jee was a monkey or a Vaanar. Before this question is answered, it is extremely important to translate the Sanskrit word Vaanar. Vaanar as the name suggests means person residing in Van or forest. 
We know that human being have evolved through the long process of nature called EVOLUTON. Manu, who had ended his journey at the start of the Kalp, did provide to the new Kalp/Mahayug some Human being who had managed to survive the fury of Sea life. They started living in areas, after clearing it and creating shelters from weather and seasons.
After a fairly long period of time, in the forest, after the evolution of various animals, human beings also evolved. They had tails, were fearsome, but simple. The older generations of mankind were now living in settlements. These were called kingdoms. They refused to recognize the evolved humans in forest as Humans. For details one can read : HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP

They were called VAANARS as they had evolved in VAN, which is the Sanskrit name of forest.

Though living in the forest and having a tail, Hanuman was able to receive education, was highly intelligent, and was as such respected in Vaanar community. So when Vaanars were being sent to search for Sita, and when they reached the coast, it was Hanuman who took upon himself to cross the sea.

It is usually believed that Hanuman crossed the sea by taking a big, long, huge and SUPER NATURAL jump. However this seems unlikely for two reasons:

1. There is mention of some type of Radar system installed in Lanka, which could identify flying objects. Hanuman, in order to avoid that must have walked and swam while crossing during low tide. It is mentioned that Hanuman destroyed this…TRUE! But why would Hanuman ji destroy this while going to Lanka, and jeopardize the entire operation? And how would he destroy this? He was on the other side of the Lanka coast while going to Lanka. He did destroy this while returning, as then it is clearly mentioned he destroyed lot of things in Lanka, and some must have been extremely strategic. 

2. It is clearly mentioned that while going towards Lanka, he was threatened by a huge fish. Fish is water born creature and large fish can only be found in sea and not in air space.

No, Hanuman ji swam across sea, walking where ever the water was less, and as such he reached Lanka undetected. Here in water, he could hide his body by partially submerging under water, and could remain undetected.

The other thing that is slightly off track, but needs mention here is that the bridge or RAM SETU was built by Vaanars, and not by monkeys. As such RAM SETU is manmade and certainly NOT monkey made.

The other issues pertaining to Vaanars need an answer in this post is: 

Why did Ram refuse permission to Angad when he so desperately wanted to stay in Ayodhya? 

We have already mentioned that there was animosity between Kingdoms and settlements in Jungle of Vaanars. The hatred and mistrust between people living in forests and people living in kingdom was so serious that the people of Ayodhya would have seriously opposed the permanent stay of Angad in Ayodhya as he had not taken an oath of Bhramcharya, while, since Hanuman had already promised that he would never marry and have children, was acceptable to people of Ayodhya.

This fact should not be missed by the rulers of democratic India. Hindus are in majority over here and there views and feelings must be taken into account while granting Visa to non Indians.

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