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Kalyug is called the Yug of Karma. The only thing that gives result in Kalyug is Karma. Karma here does not mean action alone, it means positive action. 
Take the example of 1000 years of invaders rule. There were relative smaller kingdoms and lot of them. But they could not unite against invading forces, resulting in arson, looting and slavery. It was not that the Indian rulers did not fight. They fought and fought bravely, but they lost because they were NOT united.

This post is in continuation of the earlier post KALYUG IS THE BEST YUG FOR HUMANS TO LIVE. Let me ask you a simple question, did you ever tell your children that do not make efforts, because it is HOPELESS as this Yug is bad. No, NEVER. Yet our religious leaders keep on saying this. 

Remember during 1000 years of invaders rule, serious atrocities were faced by Hindus, and at that time to CUSHION the pains and HELPLESSNESS, and to console sufferers, it was said, that this is Kalyug, and one cannot expect anything better. But those times are gone. Why now? IN FACT SATYA YUG WAS THE WORST YUG FOR HUMANITY.
We would like to state once again that Kalyug is the best Yug for humanity to live. The earlier post has discussed this very issue using cyclic theory and theory of rebirth as parameters.
Here we will discuss this using the remaining two parameters which are as follows:
1. On the basis of numbers of avatars in that Yug
2. On the basis of Vedanta Jyotish.
We will first discuss using Vedanta Jyotish (VJ). As per VJ the first four houses indicate Satya Yug which is actually birth of a New Mahayug/ Kalp. The next three indicate Treta Yug, Dwaaper is indicated by eighth and ninth house and Kalyug by tenth. 11th and 12th indicate Sandhi, or interim period between this Mahayug/Kalp and the next one.
Below are the excerpts from earlier post DURATION OF KALP
“Thus the first four houses which constitute Satya Yug indicate birth of a new civilization, which slowly expands, uses velour, and help of likeminded families to establish settlements (home) or kingdoms. The third house indicates brothers and sisters. Vaanars the evolved humans are also indicated by 3rd house. 
"The fifth house constitutes children, the sixth, enemies, diseases, and the seventh is the first external house, indicating relationship. Treta Yug extends from fifth house to seventh house. The civilization in the kingdom were witnessing expansion, the new civilization (brothers and sisters) in jungles known as VAANARS WAS ALSO GROWING, when lord Vishnu in the form of Shri Ram took avatar, fought with Rakshas, forced kingdom to accept Vaanars as human being and then established RamRajya- the Dharm followed by the just rule of law which made everyone happy and is still the dream of every human being. 

"The eighth house is the house of mysteries and life. Life in itself is a mystery. And the ninth house, the house of Dharm and fortune. Dwaaper Yug extends from eighth house to ninth house. Lord Krishna came on this earth towards the very end of ninth house and established Dharm after Mahabharat war. What happened in the interim period of eighth house is still a mystery. After Dwaaper Yug, we have Kalyug, and Kalyug falls in the tenth house, which is the house of Karma, or action. The house of Karma is relatively easy to handle, as Karma is completely and absolutely in our hand. All actions get rewarded, and inaction does not bear any fruits”.
Let’s view this with another parameter. We know for certain that Avatars come on earth to make correction only when God feels that Dharmic people had start misusing Dharm in the most blatant way. So the number of Avatars that visit earth for making correction is one of the indicators of how good or bad that Yug was. Satya Yug had 4, Treta had 2, Dwaaper 2, and Kalyug (we are told) shall have one. Sandhi or interim period had one, i.e. Matsya Avatar. So strictly speaking, KALYUG will have the least problems (relatively) judging by the number of Avatars. We are the best.

Whatsoever is being told to you about Kalyug being not a human society friendly Yug is wrong, and manipulative.

Yes it is expected things can go wrong towards the end of the Kalyug, but that is far away. Perhaps at least one lakh years away. So follow the Dharm. Live and let live should be our motto. WE ARE IN THE BEST YUG.
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