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Kalyug is an era of growth, and the best Yug for humans to live. THIS IS A FACT, and verifiable truth, as per known, stated parameters of Sanatan Dharm. NO other parameters EXIST to judge this
This is NOT being said because we are living in this Yug, but because THIS IS A FACT. 
And this fact is so strong, loud and clear, that it can speak on its own. Secondly one can name any parameters, and we will find, using those parameters, that what has been said is correct.

Remember, previously before independence, to CUSHION the atrocities committed on Hindus, the victim, his family were consoled by stating that this is happening because we were living in Kalyug. But why the same statement, earlier used to cushion the atrocities, being used now, after independence?

It only helps in increasing the PASSIVE attitude of Hindus, resulting in INCREASE in poverty in Hindu society, though it does help in increase of wealth and POLITICAL AND MANIPULATIVE POWER of Hindu Gurus.

Here we will decide following the accepted Hindu parameters how correct the above statement is. Since the concept of Yugs is totally a Hindu theory, we will NOT find parameters elsewhere except in Hindu philosophy. Here are the parameters:
1. Accepting the cyclic theory of evolution.
2. On the basis of theory of rebirth, and subsequent MOKSH
3. On the basis of numbers of avatars in that Yug
4. On the basis of Vedanta Jyotish.
Here we shall be discussing the first two parameters. The other two shall be discussed in the future post: KALYUG WHERE KARMA IS SUPREME, PREFERRED YUG FOR ALL

The Cyclic Theory of Evolution is unique to Hindus. Hindus believe from time immemorial that everything is cyclic in nature. The modern science has accepted that most of the things are cyclic in nature, and without naming it, also accept that they conform to the Hindu belief of Panch Tatva; but they have refused to accept and acknowledge the cyclic theory of evolution, which states that the human, animal and vegetation, all goes through a cycle of evolution, growth and then destruction. Are they refusing this because of their prejudices against ancient Hindu knowledge, can be discussed separately.

Please understand growth is never uniform. Science believes that growth as it progresses also undergo phases of slower growth to negative growth and then rapid progress. Whether it is economic growth or history of last 3500 years which is known, you can see this trend quite clearly. Mahabharat almost totally destroyed the civil society and growth. Since then we are progressing with the growth story.

We can clearly see that Kalyug is an era of growth. It is true there will be periods where growth will be retarded or negative, but since Kalyug does not have any provision of Avatar till the last when Kalika Avatar will come, the indication is clear that Adharm will never become unmanageable so that God has to come as Avatar.

The theory of rebirth is the only theory in the world which STATES, and current science supports this, that evolution grows and improves as per the demand of the surroundings’. The unexplained areas in the scientific belief which is explained away as the nature’s way of sustaining survival and growth is better and more meaningfully explained by Hindu theory of rebirth. The rebirth theory can even explain why cyclic destruction also takes place. Humanity according to this keeps on becoming more mature or adaptable, one can say, as it passes through the different births, and as one reaches Kalyug, the human society is better equipped mentally, at least to take on the problems surrounding them.

MOKSH that every ATMA gets after wandering through the world clearly accepts the improvement of the inner self as one goes through number of births. Even science accepts adaptability of various species with the passage of time.

Example about human here is in order. We have tail bone, but no tail. There is no point in discussing why we have tail bone. Humans have appendix too, a part very important for the body to accept and digest raw food which the earlier humans might have consumed when fire was not used by them. So, we have proof in our body itself that humanity progressed. Our Dharm and religious texts also accept this. From Satya Yug to Treta Yug, to Dwaaper Yug, and now Kalyug, we have information as to how society progressed.

We are much better equipped by nature to enjoy life. LIVE AND LET LIVE, makes sense only in Kalyug, and was REDUNDANT in other Yugs.

One has to read earlier posts to understand how serious and difficult, the situation was there for humanity during Satya Yug. And this is true for all new civilizations. Remember Satyug consisted of unique mix of civilizations. One was the survivors from earlier Kalp or Mahayug, which was brought in the new Kalp/Mahayug by Manu.

This consisted of survivors from various ships which had sailed several lakh years earlier from various ports all over the world, and who’s several generations had survived in extreme desperate conditions. A good part of these were Rakshas or human flesh eater. One can understand how these humans living in extreme desperate condition and sometimes with no food, developed the habit of eating Human flesh. The other was the new breed of humans which evolved through the process of evolution, also known as VAANARS which came much later. Read: HINDU HISTORY.. START OF A NEW KALP 

And Vaanars were NEVER accepted as humans by the earlier breed of humans till Ram ended this. If Vaanars were not accepted as Humans till Shri Ram intervened, one can understand how unfriendly Satya Yug and Treta Yug were for humans.
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