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RAMAYAN is history of humans and Ravan was a human. Rakshas consumed human meat, and Ravan was a Rakshas, ruling a sea-locked nation Lanka. Eating human meat does not make any person SUPERHUMAN. The issue that we will be discussing is WAS RAVAN EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND INVINCIBLE?
Ravan was ruling Lanka and Lanka was sea locked. A sea locked nation, if properly administered, does have some advantages in the sense that there can be no dispute regarding the boundaries, and intrusion is difficult. Lanka prospered under the rule of Ravan. 
Treta Yug, during that period was witnessing SCIENTIFIC growth and we know that Flying Machines, too, were available. Obviously, scientific growth does not happen in isolation, it certainly was not limited to flying machines; sophistication in other fields, too, was also there including those in the weapons, civil and social requirements.
Apart from the kingdom of Lanka ruled by Ravan there were lots of Kingdoms in the then world. Some of the important kingdoms were Janakpuri ruled by King Janak, and Ayodhya ruled by King Dasrath. And certainly there were forests all around where saints lived along with Vaanars, the evolved humans. Of course forests were full of fearful animals.
All accounts of history suggest that Ravan was NOT invincible. In fact he was AWARE that his end would not be a natural one, and that he would meet his end by being killed by humans, i.e. man or Vaanar. History also tells us that he had earlier, entered in a man to man combat with Bali, in which Bali comprehensively defeated him. Bali and Ravan later became friends. He did not follow example set by the dead Khar Dhushan of engaging in combat with Ram because of insult hurl on Surpnakha, but because of the pressure from Lankan public went for abduction of Sita.
None of the account of History suggests that Ravan was in any serious conflict with any of the Kingdoms. In fact after Parashuram handed over Shiv Dhanush to Janak, the weapon of mass destruction, Ravan always felt that Lanka was vulnerable. Lanka was far away from other kingdoms and was sea locked. It was an ideal target for weapon of mass destruction. As such Ravan was only causing atrocities on Vaanars and plundering forest wealth including mineral wealth from within the forest. He was plundering forest wealth and trading Vaanars as slaves and animals.
That does NOT mean that Lanka under Ravan was not powerful. It was powerful and had lot of clout within kingdoms. Ravan was otherwise greatly respected by BRAHMINS, and he used this to FALSLY tell the world that he did not kidnap Sita, but Sita offered herself as BHIKSHA. Because of the prosperity of Lanka, outsiders used to say that it was made of gold. Financial and other ties did persuade other kingdoms to have friendly relations with Lanka. This friendship, allowed Ravan to wreck havoc on Vaanars and others residing in forest.

It is in this context Ram Ravan pact, when Tadaka was killed is to be viewed (read: RAMAYAN AND HISTORY ).
When Sage Vishvamitra took upon himself the YAGNA(Concentrated efforts) to end the atrocities of Ravan, he was aware of these problems. He knew most of the kingdoms will not help in this, as kingdoms, because of economic and other ties will be extremely reluctant to oppose Ravan.
Bharat has been fortunate in having at different eras, sages of highest caliber and dedication for humanity. Persons who are obsessed with the welfare of humanity understand lot of things which we, as normal humans cannot understand. Maharishi Vishvamitra knew that Ram was the person who would destroy these Rakshas.
Because of its economic power, and strong propaganda, Lanka looked formidable indeed. But Ravan was NOT INVINCIBLE. And this has been proved by History. When Ravan kidnapped Sita, the ruling queen of Ayodhya, Ram had the option of calling for the forces of Ayodhya, Janakpuri, other friendly kingdoms. But Ram preferred to use Vaanars. Though Vaanars were also trained to use modern weapons, they, nevertheless looked less powerful than the sophisticated army of kingdoms. Yet they defeated Lankan forces quite comprehensively.

Once you accept that No SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan, you will understand it better. 
Post independence, the importance of Ram Ravan YUDH need to be diluted in case you want to reduce the PASSIVE attitude of Hindus. 
Accept Ramayan as history of humans. 
Ramayan as history CLEARLY tells us that the main reason for Lord Vishnu’s avatar as Shri RAM was to ensure: 
  1. Rehabilitation of Vaanars as Human 
  2. Declare Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM 
  3. Establish Ram Rajya.
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