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Vanvaas of Shri Ram was self arranged, with Kaekae's help to ensure Vaanars were trained in civil laws and militarily. To understand this, accept Ramayan as history of humans without supernatural powers
VANVAAS or BANISHMENT of Shri Ram is one of the most important part of TRETA YUG History for this era. Though this period of History is the most important period of Shri Ram’s life, yet not much has been written about it.
The confusion is there because we still are NOT in a position to mentally accept that Ramayan is Human History of Treta Yug. We try to glorify Shri Ram and Mata Sita by accepting that they had SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. However the youths are more interested in Physical realities, i.e. the Historical facts. For this the rule that we will follow is “Ramayan is History of HUMANS, and NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters.”

Secondly use of SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers quite often change or alter the Dharm that we would get from an event of Shri Ram’s life otherwise and make it redundant. This will provide to us real hard facts whose interpretations are more historically acceptable.

SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers are the hangover of the earlier age when events of Ramayan were not understandable, because of the lack of information with the general public, and maybe by the religious leaders of that time. So to explain certain events INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION were used. Some have found mention in the Valmiki's Ramayan too. Remember Treta Yug existed at least 5,00,000 years earlier.

To understand more about this one can read my blog post: INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION in Ramayan Those who have read the earlier post KAEKAI AND RAM would understand the reason for vanvaas for 14 years. “Vaanars were living a miserable life. Kingdoms, including people living in Ayodhya had no sympathy for them (read Hindu History..Start of a New Kalp ; Ramayan and History). They were not even considered as humans.”

Shri Ram had already made a commitment to train these Vaanars about civil and society requirements as well as train them militarily. For this he had to stay in forest for about 14 years. Vanvaas was, thus, the best option. During this 14 year period Shri Ram trained Vaanars about civil and society rules and also militarily. And that was the reason why Hanuman, when he met Shri Ram and Laxman at the foot of Kishkindha hills lamented that he could not recognize them in the first instance.

Remember that we are living in an information age and once we believe that there were flying machines too, at that time, we have to understand history of that period with the sophistication it deserves. We cannot believe that the sophisticated Lankan forces were vanquished by the crude stone throwing Vaanars simply because of supernatural powers that Shri Ram possessed. NO SUCH THING HAPPENED. Vaanars had received military training during last 12 to 13 years and they also had a better and more able leader in Shri Ram, which ensured their victory.

This post is important because we all have to understand the important Dharm that we get from every event of Shri Ram’s life.Vaanars were not accepted as humans. Kingdoms, including people living in Ayodhya had no sympathy for them. Rakshas used to hunt them for their meat, adb capture them for trading. It is only in this context and the fact that Vaanars were trained militarily by Shri Ram himself; the decision of Shri Ram to fight Lankan forces with Vaanar Sena makes sense. Otherwise please explain why Ayodhya forces and the forces of friendly kingdoms were not asked to fight Lankan forces when Ravan has abducted the Queen of Ayodhya, Sita.

The wooden sandals of Shri Ram, were placed at the throne of Ayodhya, and as such Sita was the ruling Queen of Ayodhya, though voluntarily living in forest. Ayodhya had an obligation to ensure that best forces were pressed to fight Lankan forces.

When one takes all this into consideration, only then one can understand the purpose of Shri Ram’s stay in forest for 14 years.

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