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Several generation of humanity from all parts of the world, stayed over water, during transitional period from Kalyug to Satyug. Caste system then became necessary to ensure necessary work is done. Caste system amongst Hindus originated from the start of SATYAYUG. WHY?
The problem with Hindus is that they seriously believe that they are the oldest civilization of the world, and then they conveniently forget that, physical realities, as mentioned below can only be constructed through ancient History and NOT by quoting a Shloka.
We should never forget that physical realities can more easily be visualized and that is why we have a Dharmic Granth such as Ramayan as History.

Some of these physical realities, every Hindu need to understand are:
  1. Caste system,
  2. Social conditions prevailing in various Yugs,
  3. Definition of what is Rakshas,
  4. Difference between Maryada and Dharm,
  5. Physical conditions that Human Avatars changed.
We will be discussing Caste System and how it originated.
First let us understand the fact that SATYAYUG is the beginning of a new era, or new civilization. It would start after the earlier civilization, towards the end of KALYUG is consumed by man-made calamities and subsequently the survivors face the wrath of natural calamities. The sea water would then rise significantly covering almost the entire land mass. This much we know from ancient history. You can also read: HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP

Now we have to visualize who the fortunate ones would be, who could board various ships which would leave in HASTE from various ports all over the world, in case sea water rises significantly (the rise of sea water would be such that it could cover almost the entire land mass leaving only top of some high mountains). Obviously people who could manage the ships and the persons, who are close to the power set up, would be able to board these ships. The persons close to the power set up would be powerful politicians, bureaucrats, influential religious leaders and businessmen. No saints, who by definition are persons who had renounced everything, would be a part of this. 

Now let us move further to know what happens after this. These people who have boarded different ships from various parts of the world and who belong to different ethnic groups had assumed that this was just a temporary phase which they could survive, being fortunate to be on ship. But none of them had assumed that this was a TRANSITIONAL phase which would take them to an all together new era several thousands of years away. You can also read: DURATION OF A KALP .

As such hundreds of their generation would be living, on board, anchoring at times at the hill tops, only to move away back to sea, as these hill tops were witnessing looting and arson of the worst kind as there were hardly any resources left for survival. There was no food available on land. The only food was the sea food and that too in the area where the Indian sub continent existed. It is in this context MATSYA AVATAR makes sense. Some of the ships were now owned by persons who had become human flesh eaters. They were called RAKSHAS. You can also read: MATSYA AVTAR IN LIGHT OF GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS

It is only in this background the word MANU makes sense. Man, Manushya, Marito, Mann, Maritos, Mari, is word in ancient languages for MAN. Since people of different region were on ships, with lot of intermingling during these thousands of years, the word Manu, being the leader or Captain of these desperate people, whose antecedents were not known, could be the only logical conclusion. This also gets support from the fact that during DWAPAR YUG there was a great flood, which is mentioned in every ancient history of the world, where once again a different Manu as per Hindu ancient history brought such people back to land. It is only in this context caste system written in Manu Smriti makes sense. Even why it is called Smriti has not been told. Smriti means LOG BOOK. As such caste system was necessary during those desperate times, so that for survival, rules as to how necessary work would be done could be enforced.

As such we can clearly see that caste system was a desperate attempt to ensure ORDERLY passage during very difficult period of Human History. In such an extreme hostile conditions survival was difficult. Certain rules were made to make them easier. Living over sea for a long period of time is difficult. This one can ascertain from any sailor even today.

Everyone was required to contribute manually. However there was always certain work, which no one wanted to do. To take care of this, persons who committed crimes were designated Shudras. Time was difficult, very difficult indeed. Survival was the main objective. Just to avoid ambiguity and smooth transition and work may continue, later it was made HEREDITARY. Sure these were extraordinary rules, and perhaps maybe inhuman, but that is how people survive in difficult times.

Bharat or India was the first place from where sea water receded, and as also said above, Indian subcontinent, under sea, was the only place where sea food was available. The receding sea water uncovered land mass, of what we know today, as India or Bharat. Those desperate people (including Rakshas) none of whose antecedents were known, all settled here bringing along with them the ideas, notions,, manners they have inherited during their long journey.And, as known to everybody, the first thing they did was to declare themselves ARYANS, meaning “The Purest One”

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