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Puraans, as the name suggest is ancient history. They provide valuable historical details about the ancient earth, its people, and its problems. 
Since Hindus believe in cyclic theory of evolution these Puraans are undated, and may represent events spread over different cycles.
Puraans also give details of formation of solar system including formation of earth, the early stages of earth life and how it evolved. Puraans also tells us about the initial turbulence that was there in our solar system which resulted in the birth of solar system and earth.

This post does not intend to provide these details. The details are exhaustive and have to be culled out from Puraans itself. For that one has to understand them, decode them and then get the details.

Decoding of Puraans is not all that difficult; all one has to do is to first understand the simple basic facts about Sanatan Dharm which are as follows:
  1. The important principle, without which, one will not understand Puranik literature is that Sanatan Dharm believes in evolution and NOT in creation; though when one goes through all stories in these literature, one does get confused.
  2. Sanatan Dharm allows all Puranik literature to be coated in such a way that one has to filter the real from imaginary. Puranik literature contains stories build over real facts, and these stories would contain persons with supernatural powers. But getting your facts culled out from these stories is not very difficult.
  3. There one will find lot of stories about war between Surs and Asurs. At places the word Daanav or Rakshas is also used for Asurs. Dev or Devta are commonly used words for Surs. Now Dev or Devta is the accepted harmonious relation in anything, be it minerals, air, water, gases and existing harmonious relation both inside and outside earth preventing natural calamities. To understand this further, an example is provided: NOWADAYS WHY VAYU DEVTA IS GETTING DEFEATED BY ASURS REGULARLY
  4. The word SATI and PARVATI represent nature and also consort of Lord Shiv. Sati is the consort of Lord Shiv when the evolution or creation so caused by evolution including human, birds, animals, plants and vegetation was NOT cyclic. Parvati is the later stage consort of Lord Shiv when creation became cyclic. 
  5. A strong emphasis is given to Asurs or disharmony as it provides GROWTH. Growth, as we know requires change of existing equilibrium and establishment of newer and more acceptable equilibrium. This has to be respected and kept in mind if one wants to understand this literature. Even Shukr Dev, the Guru of Asurs is provided a very respectful status.

Ramayan and Mahabharat are actual history of humans of the period when God incarnated to correct the path of humanity. 

To that extent they are very important as apart from enriching the Puranik Literature they provide all Dharm (Physical Religious Rules) in very practical way. They cover almost all aspect of human life and discuss various problems nature and humanity faces and how such problems can be resolved. Gita, a part of Mahabharat text guides and motivates an individual in his journey on earth.

Puraans discuss virtually all aspect of life and since Mata Parvati, consort of Lord Shiv is also NATURE, Sanatan Dharm lays very serious emphasis on preservation of natural resources, nature and environment.
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