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Vayu Devta means air we breathe. Hindus believe everything good existing in nature need to be preserved and protected. But how?
One way is to emotionally tell the society that it is their RELIGIOUS responsibility to protect this, and I totally agree with this view.

This is the composition of air in percent by volume, at sea level at 15°C and 101325 Pa.

Nitrogen -- N2 -- 78.084% say 78%

Oxygen -- O2 -- 20.9476% say 21% [total of both 99%]

And 1% impurities as below

Argon -- Ar -- 0.934%

Carbon Dioxide -- CO2 -- 0.0314%

Neon -- Ne -- 0.001818%

Methane -- CH4 -- 0.0002%
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After posts on Sur, Asurs and difference between Surs, Asurs and Rakshas, lot of queries are being received as to why VAYU DEVTA is getting defeated almost regularly by Asurs nowadays. 

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The above post does provide the difference between, Sur, Asurs, and Devta, which is being reproduced below:
1. Rakshas: A human who has started consuming human meat. To that extent only, they are different from other humans. 
2. Devta: Any mineral, solids, gases, liquid, vegetation, living organs in nature including humans are Devta, meaning, THEY EXIST BECAUSE OF ACCEPTED HARMONY; and here Harmony means scientifically accepted proportion of Surs and Asurs. What is accepted harmony will be different for different Devtas. No wonder we have 33 crore(330 million) Devtas. 
3. Asurs: Just as we have harmony in nature, we also have disharmony (ASUR) too. Earthquake, storms, hurricanes other natural calamities are perhaps result of not having the right proportion of ratio of harmony and disharmony (ASUR). Obviously increase of Asurs or, using different words, as and when Asurs become powerful Devtas get weaken.
Now when we discuss air as Devta, the above accepted impurities in air of 1% is not harmful and accepting ‘impurities’ as Asur, and other gases as Sur, the harmony keeps the Air God or Vayu Devta STRONG.

But because of the pollutants in air this percentage of impurities is increasing, more so in developing countries like India, 

And if we use the ‘Puranik’ phase, Vayu DEVTA is getting defeated from Asurs. 

As thing stands, this is happening in most of the cities of India, and other developing world. The air is polluted and cannot be said fit for breathing.

The reasons for pollution are many like reduced forest cover, more vehicles on road, with older technologies, pollution from industries and residences too. The demand for goods manufactured by industries, vehicles is increasing, creating further problems. 

Solution to increasing pollution is important, and this problem must be addressed at top priority.

Yes, Vayu Devta is getting defeated nowadays almost regularly.

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