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SHIV the supreme God married Mata Parvati at the start of first present Mahayug. And symbolically, every Mahayug starts with coming together of both. Mata Parvati represents ‘PRAKRITI’, which is actually ALL TYPE OF NATURE AND LIFE including earthly wealth; biological and geological, at any given time on earth. Obviously God’s blessings are required for this to happen and this gets symbolically represented by Eshwar Shiv Marrying Parvati at the start of first Mahayug.
So there is no ambiguity; Hindus believe in evolution and also differ from the current scientific view that the major part of biological life is not cyclic. It is cyclic and is represented by theory of Yugs. Yes, because of the exploitation by Sanskrit scholars and Dharm gurus the information on Yug theory is not complete, as several important information on this, including astronomical points, without which it will not be possible to completely define Yugs, is not available. However, the cyclic theory of growth, spread and then destruction of humanity and nature is well detailed in Puraans.

Let us briefly construct a Mahayug. And since we are living in Kalyug, it is only appropriate that we start this Mahayug from current period, i.e. from today.

As of now, Prakriti or nature is shrinking and shrinking rapidly, and the main reason for this is indiscriminate use of resources, resulting in cutting of trees, reduction in forests, plundering of mineral wealth, and subsequent affects as increased pollution, green house effect, further declining the biological and geological spread. Of course, the evolution process on earth will react against this indiscriminate plundering in its own way, and nature would cause havoc at times which would slow down this decline, but only temporarily. 

True, in Kalyug, human is more mature, and reasonable as evolution is a big teacher, which has given humans lessons right from Satyug, till now, but human tries to teach others, but never learns. A lot of such cycles called Mahayug would be required to actually make human START realizing that he can actually make this cycle a more human friendly by respecting the nature, but that has to wait. Read: DURATION OF A KALP  

So after several attempts by nature to arrest this decline, the end of this Mahayug will come. The earth will be flooded, flooded like never before, and for reasons unknown the wave movement in sea will stop. Some hilltops are now left as land. People who could set out are in boats or ships, and the rest of the humanity is dying, or dead. Even sea life, after stopping of wave movement, is dying.

The earth enters the transitional phase for new Mahayug or Kalp, whatsoever one chooses to call it and that too, over sea. Later after several hundred thousand of years, the wave movement once again begins, and a new Mahayug starts. One can read about all this in greater details in these posts:-

One has to understand the real meaning of Hindu marriage if one wants to understand the cycle of evolution starting from Satyug and terminating at the end of Kalyug.

If one talks about an ideal Hindu marriage, which lasts till the end, one will find faster growth in the family in the beginning , which later on becomes slower though it increases, then eventually new families altogether separate from the parent family start forming, thinning the parent family.

So there is sudden eruption of life and giant life during Satyug, also new breed of humans with tails. Later the earth settles down, evolution stabilizes and now we are after the great Mahabharat war witnessing the reduction of nature. And this reduction is getting accelerated as per scientists. We are , only humans, moving towards the chosen path of self destruction.

One fails to understand how the scientific community is moving ahead without accepting the cyclic theory of evolution of Hindus, as at the present information age all other theories automatically become self-contradictory without cyclic theory of evolution.

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