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SAMUNDRA MANTHAN... CHURNING OF SEAWATER is a natural phenomenon which is happening always and continuously, and accepted by the scientific community. Why it happens and keeps on happening are theories only, and, with no known source of verification.
Here I am not much concerned with the regular churning of sea water taking place, but how and when it stops and when it starts all over again.
Yes, as per Puraans the churning of water stops and then restarts and the entire cycle of oceans churning, then churning stopping, and again restarting is anything of the duration of 1.5 to 4.0 million years.

So the easiest thing to start the post, is from the current period.

Pollution, indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources has rendered this earth vulnerable for worldwide floods because of green house effects.Know more about Greenhouse effect, link:

When and how this great flood is expected to occur? 20 to 30 years from now according to scientists. But scientists are known to make some fundamental mistakes in their projection. They take into consideration the effect of pollution and other hazards to environment which are man made. 
They forget that ....
nature itself plays an important role to check such hazards and had done so quite consistently. If checks and balances from nature were not there earth would have been destroyed long back.

There will be several rounds of natural calamities, more intent on correcting the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources by humans, and needless to say it will be with lot of pain. But that is how the nature works. It should have been easy to understand all this by Hindus, but unfortunately, our Dharm gurus are deliberately providing wrong information, the most important one being that though Hindus believe in evolution and not in creation, we are not told this. Yes in spite of all this the green house effect will be there, floods and reduction of livable land on earth will be there, but the great flood which heralds in the end of this Yug would be pushed back by at least a hundred thousand years.

After a hundred thousand years or so, there will be a great flood which will leave only the hill tops as land. All those who could find access to ships or boats will leave land for the safety of living on sea thinking of course that this is just a passing phase which would be over in due course of time. But unknown to all of them, they have entered the transitional phase of a couple of hundred thousand years which would take them into a new Yug. Read: MATSYA AVTAR IN LIGHT OF GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS

The first think that happens immediately after the great flood is the cessation of churning of oceans. This is accompanied by nodes of the moon stopping from changing their axis. The Dragon mouth and Tail (Rahu and Ketu for Hindus) are DEAD. Know more about lunar node, Link:

Why this happens is for scholars of earth science and astronomy to explain. But this will stop the supply of much needed oxygen in sea water and slowly all sea life would dies. The sea becomes still.

As said earlier after a couple of hundred of thousands of years the sea becomes active again. The churning starts. Lunar nodes, once again are moving. Perhaps a better phrase would be dragon mouth and tail are active and alive (Rahu and Ketu for Hindus). Deep down from the seas the remains of sea animals, now poisonous gases are released, causing panic. Sea recedes providing much needed land mass for humanity to thrive.

It is after this recharging, that there is a sudden eruption of life and giant life of animals, birds and also in sea. Perhaps this is due to fully recharged earth. Yes there could be other reasons too. Puraans indicate all this as history of ancient humans. We must learn from this history.

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