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“As and when there is a serious decline in Dharm, I come as avatar to set things right”, Shri Krishna. Let there be no doubt, none whatsoever, that God comes as Avatar when the Society is threatened by spate of Adharm (serious irreligious activities). 
Some Dharm gurus because of their lack of knowledge and inability to explain why there was Avatar one after another; attribute this as a reward to the highly decent MORALLY CORRECT people of Treta Yug, because of which first came Shri Parashuram, and then Shri Vishnu in the form of Shri Ram. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. 
The above is totally wrong and stupid assertion of Dharm gurus and is exactly the reverse of the history of Treta Yug. The Yug required first Shri Vishnu’s incarnation as Shri Parashuram and later as Shri Ram.

The question that is to be answered here is what the necessity of one avatar was after another and what were the reasons for that.

Since a post already exists regarding Parashuram, namely, 
we will quote relevant information from there and then proceed:

There were two major problems. One was the extreme animosity between kingdom and Vaanars which often resulted in brutal behavior of people of kingdom towards Vaanars. Knowing that they were humans with tails, Vanaars were hunted, treated as animals and traded too as animals. 

‘The other was the exploitation of females in which religion was also used. Parashuram father asked his sons to kill their mother for a flimsy reason of her watching some sport, and Gautam Rishi killed his wife Ahaliya, are examples of same. The avatar as Parashuram only tried to make sure that Vaanars were left alone by kingdoms.

‘He also ensured that powerful people like Ksatriyas kept females only through marriage. However he found himself totally ineffective in dealing with religious persons and religious Gurus and they all were, not only involved, but blessed the irreligious activities by invoking and interpreting religion to bless such atrocities. 

‘The religious exploitation of females by asking them to undergo the dreaded Agni Pariksha or killing their wife on flimsy grounds (just like Gautam Rishi did) could not be stopped. It was left for the next avatar, Shri Ram, to make sure that Vaanars got their rightful place as Humans, and to ensure that females were provided same treatment as males by religion.’

Yes, Parashuram was totally successful in addressing the problem created by Kshatriya, i.e. the persons who were in the army of various kingdoms and who simply kept females for enjoyment and without marriages, and sometimes through abduction.
And there is proof of what is being said. We know that enough has been written about anti-kshatriya behavior of Parashuram; but we must remember that He was an incarnation of God and God is ALWAYS unbiased towards all humanity, why for that matter, towards His entire Creation. So let us accept this, God is unbiased, he can be neither anti Kshatriya nor Pro Brahmin, as it is being made out nowadays by Dharm gurus and their followers everywhere in Hindu Society, including Social Sites.
As a further proof of what is being said, we must remember that after settlement with kshatriyas he preferred to keep Shiv Dhanush (the Weapon of Mass Destruction) with King Janak who was a Kshatriya and not with a Brahmin King Like Ravan.

Perhaps he had taken strategic help from Brahmins in his fight against kshatriyas, and we do know that Parashram’s father wanted his wife, i.e. Parashram’s mother to be killed and he had no hesitation in asking his sons to do this for him. So atrocities against female existed all across the Brahmin clan and since they were also making rules for religion, they ensured that any female or their relative, if they complained against such behavior had to face barbaric religious laws, like Agni Pariksha. 

There are other examples too of atrocities on females by Dharm Gurus, prominent amongst them being Gautam Rishi who killed his wife Ahaliya, and as a protest Sita REFUSED to get education from Rishi Gautam.

Parashram was also not successful in bringing Vaanars into mainstream of human society; in fact all he could do on that front was to make rule that Vaanars would no longer be caught by kingdoms as animals. But this rule was not being accepted and followed by Brahmin Kings like Ravan.

Let us face this; though God incarnated as human, as Parashuram, He failed as follows:

1. In ensuring Vaanars are accepted as Humans by existing Kingdoms.2. In roping in Brahmins and Dharm gurus to end atrocities on females.

That was too much. The only possible conclusion could be Brahmins and Dharm Gurus were totally defiant and enjoying females by making Draconian laws like Agni Pariksha.

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