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Hindu texts, including Puraans and Ramayan, for ages, had been carried forward through oral recitation by Sanskrit scholars and saints. As such there is no proof, in case there is a difference in the text handed over through recitation, and the text delivered to the generation next.
Let us leave main Hindu texts, which contain Vedas, Upnishad, and other sacred texts, and only talk of Puraans, Ramayan, and Mahabharat which happens to be actual ancient history of humans.
Before providing information on this post, I would like to reiterate that I FIRMLY BELIEVE that Ramayan is the history of Shri Ram and Mahabharat is the history of Shri Krishna and both were human incarnation of GOD, Lord Vishnu.

Remember, history is narrative and as such is easy to understand. 

Now suppose someone or a group, i.e. the respected ones who are assigned the task to carry this content honestly to the future generation, want to ensure the prominence of Dharm gurus in all future religious discourses, even at the cost of manipulating history, what will he/they do? 

Remember in Hindu society through ages, preacher and performers of religious rituals are BRAHMINS, and they do not become eligible for this by education but by birth; so they know how helpful and important this is for their own future generation.

Let us find out what can be done:

1. He can add supernatural powers to the characters in historical texts which would definitely increase the emotional content of the text and INVARIABLY CREATE DOUBT in the mind of readers regarding the authenticity of the text as history, and then Dharm gurus could have their say. This will also help keep the society passive and passive persons are more appreciative and easily controllable.
NOTE: Physically verifiable FACT: this has already been done.

2. He can create further confusion by adding things which are not possible, so that Dharm gurus can then provide ‘expert religious opinion’ on them. This would create further confusion and increase the importance of Dharm gurus and further increase the emotional content so that the society may remain passive, moving towards being slavish. Example: Bhramchari Hanuman had a son; VAANARS the evolved humans with tails are shown as MONKEYS with GREAT intelligence and educational abilities, etc.
NOTE: Physically verifiable FACT: this has already been done.

3. Now this one is extremely irreligious, could also almost be called vulgar, but unfortunately HAD BEEN DONE: He can defame the incarnated God by presenting and manipulating events in such a way that without the expert opinion of the Dharm Gurus, public would doubt the credibility or intention of the Avatar like Shri Ram, Shri Krishn.

Example: Shri Ram is shown as BLESSING the abduction of Sita by asking Agni Dev to take real Sita and keeping only Shadow of Sita for abduction. This Shri Ram does in total privacy when Lakshman was also not present. And later, after victory over Raven, in front of entire Vaanar Sena and Lanka crowd, Shri Ram accepts Sita back after Agni Pariksha. As if this much manipulation was not enough Shri Ram is shown as DISOWNING Sita because one Dhobi of Ayodhya expressed some doubts on the character of Sita.
Now all this would render Ram a Hypocrite, and there can be no doubt about this, as everyone knows the meaning of hypocrite. So the current Dharm Gurus would ENJOY telling you why Shri Ram is NOT a hypocrite and since they have already ensured that the society is passive, or say, slavish, society would be extremely grateful to the Dharm Guru for providing such a highly difficult religious explanation. However while providing the explanation, they will ensure that their reply would be more emotional and certainly nonobjective. The reply could be nonobjective also because of very limited or ‘lesser than average knowledge’ these Dharm Gurus have.

There could be other ways too, but the post is to tell the society that all is not well.

I do not intend to further discuss here, how Hindu Society was deliberately made and kept ‘PASSIVE” so that Dharm Gurus and Sanskrit scholars can rule and enjoy. This post can go on and on, with more details. As it is, it is becoming more and more difficult to discuss issues pertaining to history that is Ramayan or Mahabharat without discussing how manipulation was done. So, there are quite a few posts already in the blog, and more are likely to be there.

The problem is that Dharm Gurus and Sanskrit scholars mostly belong to one caste, and why they are doing this is generally known to everyone. 

I assume that after going through this post, you all would have arrived at one obvious conclusion, that this manipulation to ensure that the Hindu society stays slavish can only continue with the support of current Dharm gurus and Sanskrit scholars. Sanskrit scholars know everything and they must provide support for continued effort to keep Hindu society slavish. Repeat: Manipulation to ensure that the Hindu society stays slavish can only continue with the support of current Dharm Gurus and Sanskrit scholars, who must provide support to keep Hindu society slavish

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