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Readers, Please do discuss this post with Sanskrit Scholars, and tell them they are invited for detailed discussion on all issues.

With great reluctance, I have been forced to write this post. Sanskrit is called Dev+vani, meaning language of Gods, and I tried and tried to look and overlook at all the fact to somehow convince myself that Sanskrit was NOT being used for exploitation of Hindu masses for the last 5000 years, but I FAILED. ~~Sanskrit had been used for exploitation of Hindu masses since the start of this Yug, and that is one of the reasons why Hindus have performed badly.

After the end of Mahabharat war, and in the period immediately AFTER that great world war, there was utter chaos and one could easily assume that Sanatan Dharm (SD) was better equipped to handle such chaotic situations because Sanatan Dharm (SD) does NOT believe in perfection but in chaos. But unfortunately that opportunity was used by Dharm gurus and Sanskrit scholars to ensure complete and absolute exploitation of Hindu society. 

This post demands an explanation from Sanskrit scholars on the following:
1. Was Sanskrit language used for finalizing and framing such set up which would ensure continuous exploitation of Hindu society?
2. Why use of Sanskrit in all Sanatan (Hindu) Religion activities be not banned?
REMEMBER: THERE WAS NO OTHER RELIGIOUS SOCIETY APART FROM SANATAN DHARM DURING THAT PERIOD. However SD and the human habitats of this world were in disarray because of extremely devastating world war called Mahabharat which had just concluded.

And this provided opportunities for newer religions which took birth in Africa. However the ancestors or originators of all those religions were Yadavs, who were called Yadu in Mahabharat and Yahudi, meaning those from Yadu dynasty, who had settled in Africa, were tribes and people who started the Jew Religion first, later Christian and then Islam. 
Read:   YAHUDI ….&….. YADU
Now, let us understand the history of post Mahabharat period. Remember this world do have reasonable historical data of that period. Though the earlier period, immediately after Mahabharat war is not covered by written history but the excavations of Indus valley Civilization do provide us strong and reliable lead on this. The major finding of these excavations clearly established that the EARLIER Civilizations were MUCH advanced than the LATER civilizations. 
The reason for this was the total weakening of civil structure after the Mahabharat war, resulting in widespread arson and looting. The other reason of course was the use of chemical weapon by Asvathama at the end of the war for destruction and causing problems in pregnancy of ‘uttra’ (meaning ‘those left’) females which also triggered a panic button.
There are sufficient indications in Mahabharat itself that the world was quite willing to abandon the advanced technology that was available during Mahabharat era, and this of course was done quite professionally by King Janamejaya, the last of the yadu clan, which ended the succession of Yudhistir’s linage. The famous Sarp Yagyn which was a collective effort of the then scientific world to abandon advanced technology was performed very professionally.
REPEAT: Post Mahabharat the world was willing to abandon the advanced technology that was available during Mahabharat era, which was done professionally by King Janamejaya, through the famous Sarp Yagyn
Abandonment of advanced technology, and advice of Shri Krishna that easiest method of combating the effect of chemical weapon used by Asvathama was to be a wandering cattle owner tribe, also caused the exodus of Yadavs or Yadus to Africa, where they became Yahudi.

These Yahudis later established Jews Religion, later Christians and then Islam. 

This post wants an explanation from Sanskrit scholars as to why they allowed ‘shrinking’ of SD society, and in spite of the fact that SD is always current society sensitive and frames rules as such, WHY THIS FACT IS NOT KNOWN TO MASSES, EVEN TODAY?

Secondly the history of the last 5000 years of India is not very praiseworthy, and with total knowledge available with scholars, one would like to know why SD performed so badly?

Remember Hindu society had kept on SHRINKING during the last 5000 years and it is perhaps in a VERY DESPERATE position. 

Sanskrit scholars have a lot to answer. As a first step, we must abandon use of Sanskrit in all religious activities.

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