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The allegations are serious one and need to be pondered and discussed. We also need to understand how and why we drifted from the cherished path....First of all, let us understand one thing clearly; this and other such posts admonishing Sanskrit scholars and Dharm gurus for exploitation of Hindu society are based on verifiable parameters, so solution is definitely required. Scholars who were worshipped and revered as pride of Sanatan Dharm (SD), plotted and ensured exploitation of Hindu society is deplorable and condemnable.
SD is NOT a rule based Dharm; it is current society centric religion, and chalks it path on the basis of the then society’s requirement, so the possibility of exploitation is always there, as an average Hindu does not even know or understand all this. Hindu society has always accepted and trusted these scholars and Dharm gurus, as such acts are more sinister and need to be discussed.
Some examples would help:
1. SD society had always believed in equal rights to woman, yet during 1000 years of slavery, the females who had right to choose their own husbands through swamber, were given as brides in child marriage. The reason was abduction of adolescent unmarried girls during slavery, and invariably there was no punishment given to abductor if he chooses to marry the abducted girl. It was immaterial as to how many marriages earlier the abductor was already having. The saints at that time changed the rules to allow child marriages. 
But that was during slavery; how this continued after independence needs answering from scholars and Dharm gurus. The only explanation is that exploited and week society provides more opportunities for power and wealth. Read: PASSIVE ATTITUDE OF HINDUS….SOLUTIONS

2. Now let us discuss why Hindu society became slave:

2300 years earlier Chanakya was the first Sanskrit scholar who advocated ‘Nationalism’. Till then, in the ever changing world of small kingdoms, the society only respected the boundaries of their kingdoms and those of others. There was resistance, but since SD is current society centric and is NOT rule based, he could succeed. ‘Maa Bharti’ or nationalism became the new mantra of Dharm. Common people understood the meaning of this.

Yet after the demise of Chanakya, this mantra, with great NEGATIVE efforts was ignored and slowly forgotten so that the society could be exploited, and the power equations and wealth once again favored the exploiters. India was once again scattered into small and very small kingdoms where every kingdom had a king and a Raj Guru, who lived lavishly. This resulted in regular invasion from invaders from north. All that the invader had to do was to ensure alliance with powerful kingdoms on the way and these invaders could plunder the weak. The alliance simply ensured that their kingdoms were not touched.
Repeat: Earlier societies respected boundaries of their kingdoms and those of others. Chanakya was the first who advocated Nationalism. After Chanakya death, this mantra was ignored and slowly forgotten
3. Lord Shiv is known to have existed much before time was born, and was recluse or VAIRAGI ever since. HE is not interested in any worldly pleasure, and HIS Vairag or Renouncement is complete.

Yet quite often to create confusion Lord Shiv is shown susceptible to anger and even shown as so emotionally upset that He starts destroying world .How is it possible? Either we should agree that renouncement is not achievable, or all people who had been declared or are declared Vairagee are FRAUDS. Will these scholars clarify that why Lord Shiv is deliberately shown in such poor light?
Please note one post already exists of the misuse of Sanskrit; read: STOP USING SANSKRIT IN ALL SANATAN DHARM ACTIVITIES

The reason for writing this post is unending exploitation. All these points must be discussed, and steps must be taken for reversal of all these. There are lots of other points which are equally important and shall be covered in subsequent posts.

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I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.