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SHIV the ESHWAR, is the universal power, the God, as we know HIM, and the reason why HE did not allow poison to go below his neck is a message to humanity. WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT MESSAGE? 
Before we go any further, let us get one thing absolutely clear, Shiv, the Eshwar, the God, is absolute, and poison or nectar makes no difference to HIM, and keeping the poison in the neck is a symbol, or a message for humanity, which we all must understand and appreciate.
But first let us understand from where this poison came. Remember the population of various living species in sea is at least nine times more that those that are on land. This is as per scientific estimates.

Now we will quote directly from earlier post: MATSYA AVTAR IN LIGHT OF GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS

"The first thought that must immediately cross our mind when we are thinking of Matsya Avatar is that the entire earth had been engulfed by water. The sea water had risen significantly, destroying and wiping out the entire animal life and humans. Of course there were few ships, which had sailed from various places all over the world, to save what little human life could be saved. According to the Hindu belief of cyclic evolution, this happened towards the end of Kalyug. The end of the Kalyug brings in the dawn of new Kalp (Mahayug) which starts from Satyug.

"Slowly the churning of the water which we know as wave movement also stopped. Without knowing, the survivors in different ships were witnessing a rare phenomenon. They were towards the end of the Kalp and were entering the transitional phase required to carry them into the next Kalp. These survivors were ignorant of the fact that it was NOT a temporary phase, which will be over in a short time, but a long transitional journey to the next Kalp.

"What exactly will be the duration of this transitional phase can be visualized by us but not by people on board. They and their several hundred, or perhaps thousands, of generation would be fighting a very tough, long battle for survival. Let us visualize:

"1. The sea water had risen significantly, and a rare astronomical phenomenon occurred, unknown and unobserved by them. The lunar nodes, i.e. Rahu and Ketu are no longer moving in their retrograde motion, which means that moon has stopped changing the orbit, with reference to the apparent path of the Sun. This has resulted in cession of wave movement. The so called churning of sea water has stopped. Rahu and Ketu are dead. Another demon(or in scientific language, a set of astronomical points) will step in to replace the dead Rahu and Ketu during Kurma Avatar of lord Vishnu in the next Kalp. The wave movement will then once again start. But that is going to happen in the next Kalp, which was least 250,000 years away from the start of the transitional phase."
The stoppage of waves creates serious problem for survival of sea life. They too need oxygen, but without wave movement air would not mix with water to carry oxygen deep into sea. These species would die; and along with billions and trillions of tons of minerals available in sea water, these species will settle down on the bed of the sea . 

Most of these will be completely covered by sediments and form various resources, including oil resources for next Yug, others shall remain trapped in deep sea and with no air, slowly decompose and would convert into extremely deadly chemicals which would get the chance to escape and evaporate as poison when sea, once again, start having wave movement.Since oceans take about 500 to 600 years for one complete cycle to stir all water, one can expect this poison to trouble earth for at least this period.
What is the reason that moon’s axis of rotation stops its regular drift towards the end of Kalyug, remains stationary for a period of about 7,50,000 according to Surya Siddhant, and then restarts towards the beginning of next Mahayug, is for experts of astronomy to comment. Some say 7, 50, 000 is a bit too long a period. Ok, till it is reconciled with the present day science, let it be one-third or 2, 50,000 years. The result would be the same. But time has come for research to start in right earnest, on all information from ancient texts.
Problem with Hindu Texts is that Dharm Gurus DO NOT want society to become less emotional and thus less slavish. Correct information without supernatural power would improve the mentality of society. The society would then become less SLAVISH and will not then blindly follow Dharm Gurus.

After the advent of ‘new’ Rahu Ketu, the wave movement would once again start in the next Kalp/Mahayug, and this poisonous gas would then escape from sea bed into atmosphere. We now know why it is extremely poisonous, and why humanity starts worshipping Shiv, who alone can help. The escaped poison is quite concentrated at escape point but gets diluted as it mixes with more air, does create havoc and then gets more diluted and becomes insignificant. 

Why this is not forgotten is because of its mention in the ancient texts that this poison does come out, and today we know how and why it happens. It is also mentioned that Lord Shiv collected this poison and kept it in his neck.

There are two messages from this==>

It is important to note that humans have glands in the neck called tonsils. They protect humans from outside bacterial attacks. If any bacteria do enter your body, these tonsils stop those bacteria and at times even these tonsils themselves get infected. Medical Science accepts them as guard against outside bacterial attack. This exactly is the message that we all get from why Shiv kept the poison in his neck.

The second message is conversion of this poison into nectar or amrit.
As said above ‘The escaped poison is quite concentrated at escape point but gets diluted as it mixes with more air, does create havoc and then gets more diluted and becomes insignificant. ‘
The message, loud and clear which we get from ‘poison staying in the neck of SHIV’ is that for God nothing is Poison or Nectar. God has ONLY positive to give to this earth. So this poison by this very message that it stayed in the neck of SHIV returns back to earth as nectar when te extreme diluted poison get converted into rains. This process too , IE raining of nectar continued for 500 to 600 years. 
Sanatan Dharm is Scientific !

The message is loud and clear. Shiv the Eshwar has given you protection from outside bacterial attack in the form of tonsils and POISON (bacteria) will not find easy to cross this REKHA.

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