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A lot of queries pertaining to why, Shri Krishna left Mathura in haste leaving His parents and other relatives behind are regularly being received. It is unbecoming of Godly behavior, someone remarked. Yet the others say, that clear reasons had not been mentioned for the reason of Shri Krishna leaving Mathura, which according to them, is because of persistent attack on Mathura as told by their Gurus, and that is why He is called RANCHOD.
Readers, I most sincerely thank you all for your queries, and would like to answer this query to the best of my ability. 

First of all let us get one thing clear; historical facts cannot be answered on the basis of emotional reasoning, which are actually NO Reasoning, and need to be abandoned.
This post is directly linked to the post: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AVATARS AND OTHER HUMANS, from where all such queries are getting generated.
One need to answer all queries on the basis of History, and History do tells us that Yadavs were involved in Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning and had developed an expertise in it, which was remunerative and provided lot of employment. Secondly no one, Repeat, just no one was interested in abandoning this. Remember as Avatar of God, Shri Krishna had prime responsibility to ensure that Humans are NOT cloned and farmed, but He first had to find an opening and place his foot there.
Shri Krishna and Dau Balram (His elder brother) were respected in entire Mathura, for what they have done, and Shri Balram was STRONGLY in favor of Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning, so it was impossible to take decisions which would reduce or retard the growth of Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning.

But right now His priority was NOT to reduce or retard the growth of Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning, but to put his foot in the door, and allow Himself an opening.

All evidence indicate that Pyramids were advanced laboratories for Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning , and it was easy to convince Yadavs that a part of Yadav community, who was involved in advanced growth should migrate to Dwarika, which was also sea locked so that any adverse comment or views about the type of experiments which were being performed for advancement of Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning, would not attract widespread resentment, and the rioting which caused death of Kans and change of Ruler ship would not happen. Read: BALRAM THE PLOUGHMAN REPRESENTING HUMAN FARMING, A DECORATED EXPERT

As such those who were otherwise gainfully employed in Mathura, and would rather stay there and exploit the opportunities that existed and would further develop after shifting a part of the growth in expertise efforts to Dwarika, preferred to stay there, and rest shifted to Dwarika, Needless to say, though Shri Krishna was strongly opposed to Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning, He was in public getting full support from DAU, his elder brother, Shri Balram, a decorated human farming expert.

REPEAT: Pyramids were laboratories for Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning, and Yadavs who were involved in advance growth of human farming were convinced that Dwarika was a better place for further growth

By shifting to Dwarika, Shri Krishna managed to ensure that His further decisions need not be open for approval from Mathura, and He only had to deal with Dau, Shri Balram His elder brother, where at least because of his emotional relation, He was in a position to make some manipulations, or should we say adjustments.

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