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Shri Ram was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, and so were Shri Krishna, and Parashuram and Lord Narsingh. 
Human avatar means they had definite birth, lived as humans and later left this earth as humans do. 
There can be NO ambiguity regarding this. 

It is true that Puraans, Ramayan and Mahabharat are full of vivid description of use of supernatural powers by these avatars, but those texts are meant for periods when society was less developed, and such societies did not had had the capacity to absorb, or understand the reasons of avatars or the growth and development of the period of Avatars.

So how to find out from the history of the period, who was avatar from historical facts, and how can we differentiate between avatar and other humans. Here our study is confined to the clues from history, and to ascertain at least some reasons which can help us in this differentiation.

We have as history, almost complete record of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, but part of records pertaining to Parashuram is missing. As far as Narsingh and Vaaman are concerned, the avatars were for limited purpose only as society at that time was relatively less developed, and complete avatars are/were not required when the societies are less developed.

So our study will be limited to two avatars only, Shri Ram, and Shri Krishna.

Common sense tells us that human incarnation of God can only establish Dharm by examples and there is no other way He can establish Dharm. So, one thing is clear, He can NEVER make mistakes. On the other hand it is inherent on humans to make mistakes, take sometimes even seriously wrong decisions, and to that extent history can evaluate and pass judgment who is an Avatar.
ALL the DECISIONS of AVTARS are CORRECT while,Humans, other than Avtars are bound to make mistakes and lot of their decisions will not be, and cannot be correct .
The other thing is that unlike other humans, Avatar have to perform and bring in the necessary corrections in the society, and that too within the lifetime, and in doing so, He cannot use supernatural powers. So this limitation of time and paucity of space forces Avatars to act on certain social or family issues in a different manner or one can say seemingly different manner, because of time constraint.

Some examples would help:

Lord Krishna:

1. Took the decision to shift to Dwarika, an unmanned island, resulting in even his parents not accompanying him.
2. Asking his sister Subhadra to elope with Arjun.
3. Fighting the Dharm Yudh, i.e. Mahabharat war with commitment not to use any weapons himself, and also after providing his army to the opposition.

Shri Ram:

1. Engineered his Vanvaas with the help of Kaekai 
2. Interfering , and killing Bali in a man to man fight from outside 
3. Asking Sita for Agni Pariksha.
4. Disowning Sita and declaring Agni Pariksha as Adharm.

One can definitely feel that such decisions were serious compromises with social customs and even may not be accepted as sound decisions, but remember they were Avatars. Go into the physical aspects or historical facts and one would find how correct or focused these decisions were. 

There are other posts in the blog which will answer the questions you may have for such decisions taken by avatars, and remember you are entitled to detailed answers on the basis of physical facts. But this post does not intend to do so. 

The purpose of this post is to inform you clearly that Avatars do not and cannot make mistakes, and all their decisions were correct, not because subsequent events proved them to be correct, but ‘THE FACT LEADING TO THE DECISIONS WOULD PROVE THAT THESE DECISIONS WERE CORRECT'.
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