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In our Solar System, Sun is a star, and all the others like Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are planets. Moon is a natural satellite of Earth. Other planets too have their own satellite, or a set of satellites.
The first thing that we need to know in simple term is the difference between star and planet. Star emit light and are heavy in mass (weight), whereas planets RELATIVELY are MUCH LIGHTER and do not emit light. Most of the planets and stars composition may be the same, but because of the mass, stars at their core develop very high temperature and pressure, which causes fusion to ignite, releasing tremendous amount of energy, which we see as light. Link is provided in the bottom for more information.

And now the question: Is Saturn a Planet or a Star?

We and our children are being taught in school that Saturn is a planet spinning very fast on its own axis, while ancient Hindu books say that Saturn is the son of Star Sun. Obviously this honor has not been bestowed to other planets. The question then arises, is Saturn a star?

Yes as per Hindu belief, Saturn is a star, though some say it is a defective star.
Regarding the defect, there is lot of stories, but they are actually meant to make readers understand the various attributes of Saturn, as per Vedant Jyotish, so they may not be relevant here. However it is accepted by all followers of Sanatan Dharm that Saturn is the son of Star Sun and we can correctly conclude that means that Saturn is a Star, maybe a defective one.
The problem here is that the present knowledge of scientific community is so shallow that one cannot expect any help from them. So most of the time, when it comes on passing judgment on ancient wisdom, we are invariably told that the ancient wisdom is a myth, till of course it is proved correct.

My assessment is that Saturn is a young star and the defect is nothing serious, except the distance from the Sun which is exceptionally vast, resulting in its core and other structure getting developed very slowly, and later it is going to develop and blossom in a full star, perhaps at the right time so that this solar system would have a new star when the existing sun starts dying or should we say, starts reducing the heat it now generates. 

So Saturn gives this solar system a very long lease of life, which is its attribute in Vedant Jyotish and one, can rest assured that Earth will have almost an uninterrupted life, save of course the period it requires to recharge itself intermittently at almost regular intervals. 

Links to understand the Difference between Planets and Stars:

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