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BALRAM, the other popular name being Sankarshn, was the elder brother of Shri Krishna, and seventh child of Devki, who was transferred during pregnancy from Devki’s womb to Rohini’s womb. He is generally accepted as incarnation of Sheshnag, though some Puraans accord to Him the status of Shri Vishnu’s Avatar.
Balbhrad, Haldhar, Halayudh, were his other names. 
They were seven brothers and one sister, Subhadra. He was married to Revti, daughter of Revat. Revti, was exceptionally tall and Balram treated her with his knowledge about genetic engineering, and cured her.

Balram and Shri Krishna, even in their childhood supported social causes, and young though they were, extend their physical support as well for such causes. Balram was an expert in Genetic Engineering, and Human Farming, and was decorated with the title of HALDHAR for his expertise and work in this field.

Actually Balram was a highly educated Genetic Engineering expert who received this education after the death of Kans. At that time Mathura was a famous centre for genetic engineering and human cloning; local public was also getting suitably rewarded in terms of enhanced economic growth. However there were two serious problems confronting the society, which was cause of extreme concern. They were:
1. Disappearance of females who never returned and this was widespread.
2. Yamuna water was almost black, undrinkable and lot of rumors for supposed reason for this was making rounds.

Shri Krishna and Balram succeeded in convincing public that the disappeared females were abducted and taken to the famous Goverdhan Laboratory for genetic Engineering and their these females were used as ‘guinea pig’ for experiments to advance the cause of human farming resulting invariably in torturous death of these females. Their bodies were subsequently decomposed using chemicals, allowed to go in Yamuna, making Yamuna water extremely polluted. 

Public retaliated, Goverdhan Lab was forcibly occupied, King Kans killed, and subsequently the lab was closed and covered with stones and earth. This covered Goverdhan lab is called Goverdhan Parvat, whose Parikrama is revered and popular amongst Hindus. However, as rumor has it, it is believed that there is a curse and no one should take a single pebble of stone from this Goverdhan Parvat.

The closure of Goverdhan Lab had serious financial repercussions for the people of Mathura. Yes they were in demand because of their expertise, but now they started realizing that Goverdhan Lab also had a big role in their economic well being. Anyway after getting education, Balram and Krishna decided that it is time to solve this problem People expected the royal family to do something about it, and Balram after ensuring cleaning up of Yamuna announced that future lab for the benefit of people of Mathura will be rebuilt but to ensure Yamuna is NOT polluted it will be operated from an island city. Thus Dwarika became the next resident of Balram and Shri Krishna.

Balram was a simple man at heart and though he at times differed with the way Shri Krishna wanted things to happen, Shri Krishna always ensured that Balram agreed and concurred with the decision Shri Krishna was taking. Balram wanted his sister to marry Duryodhan, but it was Arjun who married Balram’s favorite sister Subhadra and was also blessed by Balram.

Secondly since Balram was a Human farming expert and Duryodhan was strongly in favor of Human farming, Balram usually supported Kauravs, while Krishna being opposed to human cloning and farming supported Pandavs. Even people of Dwarika who were getting financial benefits from the trade were strongly supportive of Kauravs. It was thus a very delicate decision that Shri Krishna could manage at the time of Mahabharat war, when forces were given to Kauravs and because of emotional attachment of Dwarika with their royal daughter Subhadra, Shri Krishna could persuade Balram not to side with Kauravs but go for a pilgrimage instead, and Shri Krishna assured Dwarika that he would side with Pandavs but he will not use arms. 
It was a tactical move which ensured that Dwarika was not touched by either side during war, and Shri Krishna could side with Pandavs.
Jai Shri Krishna !!!

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