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The world today faces lot of questions about ancient civilization, as more facts are thrown open by exploration and discoveries. A lot of these answers are hidden in ancient history of the world that Hindus posses, and are called Purans, Ramayan and Mahabharat.
Here we are confined to outer space and use of spacecraft during ancient time more so during Mahabharat war.
We all know that Mahabharat war involved the entire civilized society and was massive. It was a world war in real sense. The confrontation issue or Dharm as some would say for this war was whether human cloning and genetic engineering, including human farming would be a Dharm for future mankind, or natural process of child bearing by females. Pandavs were supporting natural process of child rearing in the mother’s womb, while Kauravs were in favor of Human farming, cloning and genetic engineering. 

Let’s understand; human cloning and farming requires advanced stage of scientific growth and development, which was very much there during pre Mahabharat era. The scientific growth was immense and pyramids were advanced laboratories for human cloning and farming. Military and civilian stations existed on moon and some say even on mars. 
It is in this context CHAKRAVYUH formation by Kauravs is to be viewed. 
What exactly was Chakravyuh?

Chakravyuh was formation on ground, space and outer space of forces in such a way that they would move in the opposite direction to the natural path of heavenly bodies as mentioned in Vedant Jyotish, and the speed would be proportionate to the speed of the heavenly bodies, since obviously they would not be covering the same amount of distance as the heavenly bodies. Needless to say, this formation in unison could spell disaster if not adequately combated and destroyed.
Remember Arjun was not available to lead the Pandav forces in destroying this formation. He was fighting far away in solar system, from where communication, too, was not possible.

Let us understand:

1. Chakravyuh was a circular/orbital formation of troops involving ground, air space and outer space, 
         And Vedant Jyotish, astronomy also accepts this formation of heavenly body.

2. The formation was subdivided into 12 parts or divisions and Abhimanyu had knowledge about the first six divisions since birth, and 
      Vedant Jyotish accepts that every individual, since birth, has knowledge of the first six divisions, and the education/worldly experience simply fine tunes this knowledge which one brings. 

So there was nothing special or supernatural when Abhimanyu said that he knew about first six divisions from his mother’s womb. May be, yes, he did play this emotional cards to convince his uncles, who were depressed, as they felt that Chakravyuh, without the presence of Arjun, meant certain defeat. But Abhimanyu was brave and bravery and motivation, as education, he had received from Lord Krishna.  Abhimanyu was motivated and educated by Lord Krishna. In war, knowledge, motivation, and bravery all three are important and at times motivation, bravery do compensate for knowledge.

In sharp contrast, Pandavs were already feeling depressed because they had no knowledge of Chakravyuh. So, while none, including Abhimanyu knew about Chakravyuh, Abhimanyu’s zeal, motivation helped him in entering the war zone, but other Pandavs could not do so. 

The war was intense, and was intensely fought by brave hearted Abhimanyu. Causing severe destructions to the enemy targets, he entered the seventh division by the time of sunset, but unlike the previous commander-in-chief of Kauravs, Dronacharya was prepared to break rules if it provided Kauravs with some advantage. The war continued well past sunset.

Abhimanyu then was in outer space and the enemy targets on moon were within his striking range. He used the most devastating armory in his possession and destroyed the enemy targets on moon. Maybe, no rather certainly nuclear warheads were used to covert targets into craters. Even today scientists accept that some of these craters could be of Mahabharat war.


The other proof of this is that the solar eclipse got advanced by one month because of heavy pounding moon received, and this helped in killing of Jayadrath.

Abhimanyu caused extreme destruction, and Kauravs forgot all rules while combating him. He was attacked from all sides. Even when he was injured and was in the process of being brought back to earth, the attack continued. Here, on earth, he was once again surrounded and all type of weapons was hurled at him, although he was seriously injured. And, as he fell, his head was crushed by Jayadrath. Subsequently, in a shameful act, war dance was performed by Kauravs around his body, after his death.

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