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Pandu encountered a person performing unnatural sex with a deer and killed the person. He realized he had committed a crime, as because of shortage of females such unnatural sex was allowed as a rule...
Let us move on to next generation, and this generation had had the main role in shaping the future events in the then world, and also in the First World War, the Mahabharat. Dhritrashtra is the elder brother, and he is blind from birth, Pandu, the younger brother, and Vidur the son of Dasi(servant), though it was accepted that he is related with the family. Who should ascend the throne was discussed thoroughly, and ultimately it was decided that Pandu should ascend the throne. Dhritrashtra, the eldest was made to suppress his ambition to ascend the throne, and Pandu became the king of Hastinapur.
Vidur, because of his knowledge and people sensitive attitude became famous as ‘Mahatma Vidur’, Pandu was considered to be an average person and a king, but because of the existing set up and good advisors like Bhishm Pitamah and Vidur, the kingdom did progress smoothly. Some even say Vidur had a hand in deciding whom Dhritrashtra and Pandu would marry. It was decided that Pandu would marry Kunti, Dhritrashtra with Gandhari, and for himself he chose an ordinary girl named Sulabha, who belonged to Yadu tribe.
As said earlier there was serious shortage of females, and for that reason Bhishm used his Royal influence to secure for Dhritrashtra, Gandhari the daughter of the King of Gandhar, and as he was powerful no one dared to refute or object to his suggestion in the Gandhar kingdom, except Shakuni, the brother of Gandhari and Prince of Gandhar. His objection, too, was muted. Gandhar is a part of present Afghanistan and then the whole Afghanistan was called Gandhar region.
As a respect to his blind husband, Gandhari covered her eyes using eyes-strip so that she could get in the habit of making value based judgments without using her eyes. Similarly using his influence, Bhishm arranged for Kunti to marry King Pandu. Bhism did not consider the birth of Karna from Kunti as a serious issue, and as such this issue remained folded in realm of secrecy. As told earlier Vidur married Sulabha.
After marriage the life was moving fairly smoothly, except that both Dhritrashtra and Pandu did not have any children. Bhishm also arranged for King Pandu, the sister of Shalya, King of Madr, Princess Madri. To accept this proposal King Shalya demanded and received huge sum of money from Bhishm. Needless to say Queen Madri was extremely beautiful.
One day King Pandu went to forest for usual hunting sport, and there in the forest he encountered a person performing unnatural sex with a deer. Pandu could not bear this site and killed the person. When his anger subsided he realized that he had committed a serious crime, as because of shortage of females this type of sex was allowed and was a rule. Returning back, he made a confession of his crime and agreed to retire to forest, abdicating the throne. As a further punishment, a medicine was administered to him, which would not allow him to have sex with any female, and if he tried he would die. Pandu abdicated the throne, and retired to live in forest with his wives Kunti and Madri, and Dhritrashtra became the king of Hastinapur. This is another IRREFUTABLE proof of shortage of females.

It was here in the forest that Pandu used Genetic engineering and Cloning to have for himself three sons from Kunti, and two from Madri. Yudhishtir was the eldest son of Kunti followed by Bhim and Arjun, and then later twins from Madri, Nakul and Sahdev.

Dhritrashtra used a much sophisticated route of having children. Using latest technique, embryo of 101 children was developed out of which there were hundred males and one female. Thus Kauravs as they were called with Duryodhan the eldest and Dushaala as their sister were also born. 

Soon thereafter, Pandu could not control the urge for having sex with Madri, and died. Madri decided to follow her husband in the funeral pyre as Sati. Kunti along with her five Pandavs, as they were called now, returned to Hastinapur to stay in palace.

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