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द्वापर युग की महान बाढ़ के पश्च्यात, कन्याओं की विशेष कमी, और असफल गर्भ के कारण विज्ञान ने इस छेत्र मैं असाधारण प्रगति करी| जिसका परिणाम मानव क्लोनिंग, जेनेटिक इंजीनियरिंग, और मानव खेती तक पहुच गया~~After great flood, there was serious shortage of females, and also problems in having successful pregnancy. This paved the way for scientific development in this field, like cloning, human farming
WE have already reported that king Shantanu, married Satyawati, with a specific purpose in mind, that he wanted a normal human issue. And for that he did pay a heavy price by conceding to the demands of Satyawati father. There is an opinion that perhaps Shantanu, being a king, well versed in diplomacy, somehow ensured that such demands are made, so that Bhishm should not become king. 

But this opinion is countered by the established fact that through cloning and genetic engineering, it was ensured that Bhishm would always obey the wishes of his father. However, the behavior pattern obtained through manipulation of genes, were not yet fully tried, and maybe Shantanu, who was convinced that human cloning, and genetic engineering would destroy humanity, was preparing for an alternate arrangement
Information provided to Bhishm, that he would live for a very long period of time, only after marriage of Satyawati with Shantanu was finalized, do provide some credibility that Shantanu perhaps wanted a human to occupy the throne.
The first issue a son was born soon after marriage. Chitrangad died young, killed in a dual with another person whose name was Chitrangad .
History, for some reasons, is silent on inordinate delay between the second son VichitrVeer, and the first son Chitrangad. Maybe the next attempt to have a normal human failed, and subsequently Shantanu resorted to ‘not fully tried’ genetic manipulation of embryo, which resulted in the younger son VichitrVeer, who was poor in health. Whatsoever the reason, the speculation arises because ‘VichitrVeer’ means ‘strange semen’. 
It is also known that Shantanu died soon after the birth of VichitrVeer, and initially Chitrangad, and after his death, VichitrVeer ascended the throne quite young, with Bhishm, and Satyawati ruled on behalf of adolescent VichitrVeer.
As reported VichitrVeer was weak physically and health wise, and with serious shortage of females, it was difficult to find suitable bride for him. Bhishm took upon himself the task of arranging brides for his younger brother. He knew that the king of Kashi had three daughters. While the history says that Bhishm won all the three daughters in swambar, it looks distorted. In the first place, the name Bhishm itself implies that he was famous all over for his vows of celibacy, secondly whether by force or otherwise after he brought all the three daughters, Amba, Ambika, Ambalika, for marriage with his brother VichitrVeer, Amba informed him that she was already in love with prince Salwa, and Bhishm in a gentlemanly approach, allowed her to go. Ambika, Ambalika were married to VichitrVeer. 
One thing is absolutely clear from this incident; Bhishm did not win these ladies in swambar. Swambar, as the very word implies means total freedom to girl to choose her groom. So either the definition of swambar has to be declared wrong, or Bhishm used force or pressure so that king of Kashi acceded to his demands. The force or pressure was such that even princess Amba could not convey that she had already chosen prince Salwa as her husband. On the other hand use of force or pressure clearly indicates that the royal family had had no other alternative. 
Unfortunately the health of VichitrVeer kept on falling and he soon died. Now there was no heir to the throne. Satyawati asked Bhishm to ascend the throne, but Bhishm reminded her of her earlier promises and refused. There was no heir to the throne left. Desperate situations had always made royalties adapt desperate measures. Satyawati asked Bhishm to call her earlier son, Ved Vyas from Mahamuni Parasher. 
She asked Vyas to father sons for heirs of KURU Dynasty, as the situation was desperate. Vyas could not refuse. He was first sent to the bedroom of Ambika, who did not even open her eyes, because of what she could visualize repulsive personality of Vyas, and Vyas could visualize that she would give birth to a blind son. Next time she sent her to the other wife of VichitrVeer, Ambalika, who did not close her eyes but was so afraid that she was just a frightened partner. Vyas could predict that the son would be weak in constitution. Satyawati asked Vyas to visit Ambalika again, and this time Ambalika arranged a maid to take her place, which not only welcomed Vyas but seemed happy and pleased all along. The blind son was Dhritrashtra, the weak one was Pandu, and the maid son was Vidur, who became famous later because of his knowledge.
To understand Mahabharat, the important fact that has to be kept in mind was that during pre Mahabharat period starting from great flood, there was serious shortage of females, and also problems in having successful pregnancy. The advancement in science did provide a solution like manipulation of genes and human cloning, but that solution was not acceptable to a lot of knowledgeable persons in the world, including, King Shantanu. 
The history that we have is of immense value to entire world. It would also place Hindu society in a dominant position in the world. Wake up Hindu Society, you have everything, but you must take charge of it. Please shed your passiveness and move forward.

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