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सम्पूर्ण विश्व ने महाभारत युद्ध के माध्यम से मानव क्लोनिंग के विरुद्ध वक्तव्य दिया, और उसके लिए प्रलय स्वरुप संघार सहा| आज के समाज को दुबारा इस विषय पर विचार भी नहीं करना चाहिए ~~Through Mahabharat war, the world rejected human cloning, and paid heavily for this choice, by almost total destruction. We need not revisit this issue, already decided by much informed human society 
Mahabharat is only 5000 years old. And believe me, once we get out of this mental confusion, that Mahabharat is religious text with doubts thrown in, as to whether it is history; we are not going to make much headway. Secondly, Mahabharat was the first known world war, and the entire world was involved in this war, so the proofs already exist, only thing is that we need to connect them with Mahabharat. 
So let us end one issue; we agree and accept that Mahabharat is history of the era of Lord Krishna, whom Hindus believe, was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Once we do that, we will change our mindset, and start evaluating the text, as history, and then we would not be mislead, and arrive at correct results.
This post was necessitated because some of our earlier posts had clearly stated that there was shortage of females during that era, and secondly successful pregnancy was getting difficult. There was objection to this, even Lord Krishna had several wives, and this was pointed out. 
In the first place we are yet to write in detail about Lord Krishna. We have only recently started writing about Mahabharat. But in case the reference is about 16000 odd females freed from the captivity of Jarasangh, the King of Magadh, who was killed in a dual fight with Bhim, then we will briefly elaborate the facts here. 
We shall be brief here as we are yet to write in detail about Lord Krishna. As made out in our earlier posts, genetic engineering and human cloning was prevailing at that time. And when we accept this as historical fact, we could easily understand that those who were supporting genetic engineering and human cloning were progressing faster, because, let us not ignore this; genetic engineering and human cloning is a scientific advancement, which could help in the progress in a short run up. Earlier Kans, till he was killed, now Jarasangh and Shishupal were taking full advantage of this. They were involved in growth and development of genetic engineering and human cloning. Jarasangh was arranging naturally born females, now in acute shortage, for research in this field. And more than 16000 such females were in his captivity. Jarasangh had also captured more that 100 small kingdoms and was planning to execute the arrested kings of these kingdoms in a sacrificial ceremony. So it was strategically an important decision to kill Jarasangh, and he was killed in a duel with Bhim. The 100 odd arrested kings were freed, and they became friend of Indraprastha and Lord Krishna. The freed females had nowhere to go; their families would not accept them. So Lord Krishna assured their decent stay in Dwarika.
There are plenty of proofs in Mahabharat clearly indicating shortage of females. Also enough evidence exist that there was serious pregnancy problems and child rearing in wombs was possible for genetically improved/manipulated embryo only. Kunti’s providing her womb in adolescence, on advice of a saint, for the embryo of Karna, is one such proof. Science was providing two types of human spices; one through human farming, of cloning, one can say the other by developing the embryo of genetically improved humans in a female womb. Some saints would have felt that use of a female womb was closer to humanity than human farming, and Kunti did help a saint in this. The first use of mother’s womb for developing genetically improved embryo was the birth of VichitrVeer, the son of King Shantanu, and it was not a very successful experiment. VichitrVeer was not a healthy person and died young.
I’ll list some of the proof of shortage of females here:
  1. Satyawati was not beautiful, a commoner, and already mother of a son from first marriage, yet King Shantanu wanted to marry her and was prepared to pay HEAVY price for this relation, could only had been possible when there was acute shortage of females. Read: SHANTANU MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE WITH SATYAWATI
  2. Bhishm used force to bring the three daughters of Kashi King for marriage of VichitrVeer. Though it had been reported that Bhishm won them in a swambar, but this is wrong, as Amba, one of the daughter told Bhishm that she is already in love with Prince Salva; so that is a misrepresentation of facts. Swambar, as the word suggests, allows female to choose their husband, and we CANNOT temper with the meaning of Swambar. 
  3. Vishvamitra, the humanity friendly saint and Maharishi, performed Tap (concentrated individual effort) along with an Apsara to give birth to a daughter. Please do NOT get confused with the earlier Vishvamitra in Shri Ram era, as humans do not have such long life, NEVER. Vishvamitra was a title, and the faster this is understood and propagated, the better it is for current Society. Read: THE GREAT FLOOD OF DWAPAR YUG AND THERE AFTER
  4. Pandu was forced to abdicate his throne because he could not tolerate a human having unnatural sex with an animal, and he killed that man, and this was a rule his predecessors had made, and he was honest enough to accept his fault and abdicate. As a further punishment he was given medicine so that he could never have any sex with anyone, and if he ever tried to have sex, he would die. This rule was made because of shortage of females for having sex.
  5. All five Pandavs married with one princess, Draupadi, to give a clear message about shortage of females. Further during AGYAATWAAS (to stay unnoticed by even using disguise), Pandavs preferred that Draupadi should pose as wife of five gandharvs, so that she may not be recognized. 
We can go on and on. And as we continue to write about Mahabharat, there would be further proof of the same. However, that was in past. We should be proud that we have with us a history where the world REJECTED human cloning and genetically manipulated humans.

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