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यह संसार इसलिए सुखमय है, क्यूँकी ५००० वर्ष पूर्व, श्री कृष्ण ने यह विश्व युद्ध या कहीये महाभारत युद्ध जीत कर यह सुनिश्चित कर दिया की जेनेटिक इंजीनियरिंग और मानव क्लोनिंग, कभी भी मानव प्रजनन का हिस्सा नहीं हो सकती| यह विश्व मानवता के मूल्यों का सम्मान करता है~~The world today is much better, because 5000 years earlier Lord Krishna ensured that genetic engineering, or human cloning would NEVER be used for human production. This world respects human values
WE are receiving lot of queries regarding this. Most of them are regarding our assertion that genetic engineering and human cloning was the reason of Mahabharat war. Some want to know the source which had made us write this post. Others say that what has human cloning or genetic engineering got to do with Dharm? Dharm according to them means victory of good over evil.

Yes Dharm certainly means doing and supporting good causes, more so affecting societies and much more when they are affecting humanity. Genetic engineering and human cloning was affecting the entire humanity. Remember the world today is much better, because 5000 years earlier Lord Krishna ensured that genetic engineering, or cloning would NEVER be used for human farming, of for human production. Today we are not produced in farms, but are a precious gift to our parents, and for this world which respects human values.

Mahabharat was fought as WORLD WAR, with no distinct demarcation, between which side to support; WHY?
This post is in reply to queries received on post GENETIC ENGINEERING,HUMAN CLONING WAS THE REASON OF MAHABHARAT WAR
There was confusion in the mind of lot of rulers as to whom to support only on merit of Dharm. Surely history do tells us that there are always other reasons for taking side in war, and merit is only one such consideration. People were benefiting from human cloning, but humanity was losing, and there was a strong possibility that in not so distant future, if Kauravs had won the battle, humanity, as we know, would have ceased to exist.

So please note, victory of good over evil is just an abstract term without defining what was the Dharm involved. 

The other important issue that is being inquired is the source for saying that ‘genetic engineering and cloning’ were the reasons for WORLD WAR or MAHABHARAT. There is certainly NO DEFINITE source for this, and there cannot be. Mahabharat is coded, as clearly made out in Ganesh-Vyas dialogue, before Maharishi Vyas started writing Mahabharat. Since this blog does not believe in supernatural or miraculous powers, the onus is on readers to decipher the meaning of Ganesh-Vyas Dialogue. Please Read: GANESH JI AGREES TO WRITE MAHABHARAT

But how will you explain, the birth of 101 children of Dhritrashtra from a single egg, kept outside the womb, perhaps in some human production unit? How will you explain the birth of Yudhistir, Bhim, Arjun, etc, with prearranged genetic code for specific characteristic to be imparted to Pandav sons? And how will you explain transfer of womb in the case of Lord Krishna? 

And there can be lot more such questions. No the fact remains that there was at some stage, perhaps immediately after great flood of Dwaaper Yug, that pregnancy, and more so, successful pregnancy was becoming difficult, and even Vishvamitra was forced to perform tap(TAP means concentrated individual effort), to help in this issue. Read: THE GREAT FLOOD OF DWAPAR YUG AND THERE AFTER 

As said earlier, everything is coated with supernatural power, and of course coded, making it difficult to extract the truth. 

But today we are living in an information age. Yes there will be resistance from exploiters of Hindu society, in case such truth becomes part of our Dharmic literature. However all the neutral social experts, around the world, will tell you that this would not only IMMENSELY benefit Hindu Society, but the entire humanity.
So people who support Hindu Society or Humanity, PLEASE SUPPORT THIS.

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