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God is all powerful, and NOT bound by any rules; but Avatar is.Avatar is human. 
If Narsingh came out of pillar, then why not accept that God came to help the faithful? Why say Narsingh was an Avatar?
There have been some discussions in various forums regarding our contention that Narsingh was an evolved Human. My views on this are that Narsingh was an Avatar, a normal human, an evolved human with tail like Hanuman and others but with lion like face.

The fact that most of the descriptions of Narsingh Avatar state that Lord Narsingh emerged from a Pillar, automatically accord supernatural powers to the Avatar. Then what is the use of avatar? Why do we not accept that Lord Vishnu, as GOD, came to save HIS Bhakt/disciple/faithful Prahlad ?

God is all powerful, and HE is NOT bound by any rules; but Avatar is.


These are the questions that need answering as we are now in the information age. Secondly Hindu Society is extremely PASSIVE, and everyone knows that one of the reasons for Passiveness is that Hindu Gurus, in order to improve ‘marketability’ are increasing the Emotional content of Dharm, replacing the Karmic content.

Avatars by definition are NORMAL humans who by their Society Centric behavior, set examples to be followed by all humanity. Some say that because of their exemplary behavior they are accepted as Avatar. Others, like me, believe that as and when there is serious problem threatening the existence of Humanity, Lord Vishnu incarnates to make the necessary corrections. More information about avatar can be had from post : Avatar Define

It is for the viewers to judge that whether Lord Narsingh was an Avatar or God who suddenly evolved from pillar to punish and kill Hirnakashyap. 

REMEMBER, Human Avatar has to follow the rules of SHRISHTI(श्रृष्टि) i.e Evolution, which means definite birth and growth as human. Human Avatar CANNOT emerge from pillar, OR we need to redefine Avatar, and find out how the new definition would help Society.

Dharmic Preachers have to understand NOW, that in this information age, we need the right proportion of emotional and Karmic content, and that, for personal gains and benefits, we cannot DESTROY the Hindu Society by INCREASING the emotional content.

Hindu Society is already suffering and it is the duty of Religious Preachers or Dharm Gurus to REDUCE the emotional content of the Preached religion and replace it by Karmic content. 

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