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Incarnation of Sita was to provide level playing field to females and Vaanars.We do feel discomfort for the PAIN she had suffered for the sake of Humanity, but this should motivate us to be Karmic.
This question has been asked several times and while asking this people assume that during the Trial of Sita , better arguments could have been presented, by the council of Mata Sita. 
Some say that Defense should have strongly stated that Agni Pariksha had religious sanctity and as such for the purpose of this particular case that is the trial of Sita, the existing practice of having successfully undertaken Agni Pariksha test should have been enough, and Sita should not have been disowned.

I would like to remind my friends and well wishers of Sita that WE accept that Mata Sita was an incarnation of Devi Lakshmi. She was on Prithvi for a very specific purpose, and that was to provide level playing field to females and Vaanars. So We as BHAKTS do feel discomfort for the PAIN she had suffered for the sake of Humanity, but this should also motivate us to be Karmic and more conscious of our social obligations. 

One must also understand that the realization that the only way Mata Sita could have escaped Disownment was by accepting the result of Agni Pariksha is more PAINFUL, as what we are asking on being emotional is that Shri Ram should have allowed the Draconian rule to exist. That would have DEFEATED the very purpose of Avatar/ Incarnation.

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