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Vaanars were not monkeys, but evolved humans with tail, then living a miserable life. They were not even recognized as humans by kingdoms; treated, traded as animals. Ram gave them respect, dignity. Perhaps earlier this information was not available, and as such they were thought of as Monkeys.
Hanuman was the son of Kesari the King of Evolved Humans. His mother’s name was Anjani. Anjani was the daughter of Maharishi Gautam. Although the reasons are not known, Anjani became pregnant. King Kesari, who was the reason behind this, was not acceptable to the Rishi as the husband of his daughter. She was sent to live in the mountains, where she gave birth to Hanuman. Since Kesari was not allowed to meet Anjani, she could somehow arrange that when she abandoned her newly born son from the cliff top, Kesari, immediately below that would catch hold of him and take him away.

And that is why Hanuman is called Pawanputra, and Pawankumar. He was received by the aerial route by his father Kesari. Obviously at a later stage when this was known to Hanuman, he felt very bad about it and decided to remain Bhramchari throughout his life. Because of these reasons he could not succeed his father as King.

Hanuman dedicated his entire life for establishment of Dharm. He was extremely intelligent and highly educated. He received his education in an institution named Surya. He knew that the Dharm required working tirelessly for the underprivileged and females. Vaanars were living a miserable life. They were not even recognized as humans by kingdoms. On the other hand Rakshas knew that these Vaanars were humans and since Rakshas were human flesh eaters, their condition was distressing, as Rakshas were getting their meals just by roaming in forest. He knew Shri Ram the prince of Ayodhya was in the forest to help Vaanars. His non materialistic attitude made him realize that Shi Ram was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was instrumental in motivating Sugrive to side with Shri Ram.

Now let us understand some facts so that we may realize how to get auspicious results from our worship of Hanuman. 

1. Hanuman was an evolved human. There was NO caste system in evolved humans. Even today, Adivasis do not have any caste system. As such, in case you are worshipping Hanuman, make sure that you do not discriminate between castes. 

2. Hanuman punishes those who cause/commit atrocities on females. Shri Ram fought Ravan militarily. In other words the forces of Lanka were fighting with forces of Shri Ram. The civilians were not touched. But Hanuman punished the Lankan public for accepting the Adharmic exploitation of females of their King Ravan. He managed to burn and destroy a good part of Lanka while escaping from there. 

3. Remember in case atrocities on females are being committed any where, you have to oppose it; otherwise you will NOT get fruits for your worship of Hanuman. 

4. Remember we worship Hanuman because what he did, we have never been influenced by how he was born. In other words we have to judge a person by what he/she IS and not by his/her birth profile. This is one important Dharm we get from Hanuman. 

5. Hanuman was totally opposed to Rakshas. In current age this would mean any one who is committing inhuman acts. This is the most important Dharm for Hanuman worshippers. The inhuman act is corruption, cheating your fellow humans, atrocities on females, and other criminal behavior. He is rightly called Sankatmochan, i.e. destroyer of all troubles.

Hanuman was very close to Shri Ram and Mata Sita. Shri Ram and Mata Sita are reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi respectively. Together they ensure that humanity moves forward with equal opportunities for every member of the society. This is the Dharm for which they reincarnate. This is the Dharm for which we respect and worship Hanuman. Certainly this is the Dharm which we all must follow.
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ABOUT MY BLOG: One has to accept that Hindus, though, highly religious, are not getting desired result as a society. Female feticide, lack of education for girls, dowry deaths, suicides among farmers, increase in court cases among relatives, corruption, mistrust and discontent, are all physical parameters to measure the effectiveness or success/failure of RELIGION, in a society. And all this, despite the fact, that spending on religion, by Hindus, has increased drastically after the advent of multiple TV channels. There is serious problem of attitude of every individual which need to be corrected. Revival of Hindu religion, perhaps, is the only way forward.

I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.