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The first thing we have to understand is that Godess Swarswati has had no role in banishment of Shri Ram. Remember to get the maximum out of Ramayan it is important for all of us to understand that Ramayan is History of HUMANS, and NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters. 
We have already provided some facts in our earlier post KAEKAI AND RAM. Please read that to appreciate the Dharm outlined herein under. However brief facts are also being provided here:

Vaanars the evolved humans, with tail, were living a very miserable life in forest. They were not accepted as humans by any of the kingdoms and Rakshas, of course, were human flesh eaters. Vaanars were, perhaps traded and certainly exploited as animals. After the Vadh of Tadaka, when Marichi brought Ravan there for negotiations, an accord was arrived at in which King Janak on behalf of Kingdoms, also participated. Without going into details, the following decisions were taken during negotiation with Ravan (excerpts from earlier post: RAMAYAN AND HISTORY ) :
'Shiv Dhanush, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, which could totally destroy all sort of life on earth, if used, had outlived its purpose & was to be dismantled. 
'Ravan would have no objection for fighting a decisive battle with Shri Ram, and in case he got killed in battle his followers will return to Pataal Lok after a specified period of time (this is important- because Bali, the earlier Rakshas king had gifted the entire earth to VAAMAN, an incarnation of Vishnu and at that time it was agreed that Rakshas could stay in Pataal Lok). He also assured that under no circumstances civilized life as existing in various kingdoms would be touched provided Shri Ram did not receive any help from them in his battle. It was also decided that this fact would be made public before dismantling Shiv Dhanush.  
'Shri Ram would stay as Vanvasi(forest dweller) for a period of 14 years in forest to educate these new evolving human beings about civilized life and earmark the specific areas in the forest which would be suitable for them for proper growth. The 14 years period could start as per the convenience of Shri Ram and towards the end of that period only, the decisive battle would be fought. 
Ravan blessed Shri Ram for success in his endeavor.' 
As such it was known to everyone that Ram had to go and stay in the forest as Vanvasi for a period of 14 years to rehabilitate/settle Vaanars. Obviously this issue must have been discussed within the family and, as would happen in any family with close ties, Ram was repeatedly, but firmly advised that he can do all this in his old age when his children could manage the affairs of Ayodhya. Ram’s options were becoming limited indeed.
As it happened Bharat and Shatrughan were away at their Mama’s place and were enjoying their stay out of communication range, deep in forest. Sage Vashist, the Raj Purohit of Ayodhya, told Dashrath about a muhurat (auspicious time as per position of stars), which, according to him was so strong, that any work undertaken /started during that muhurat would surely provide extremely auspicious results. 

King Dashrath decided that the muhurat will be utilized to formally appoint Ram, a Yuvraj of Ayodhya. On the other hand Ram understood that in case he was appointed Yuvraj, then the responsibilities of Ayodhya will postpone his desire to rehabilitate Vaanars to his old age. He had to do something. He felt that at this stage only his favorite mother could help. Kaekai was his favorite mother.

And history tells us that Kaekai did help. Remember Kaekai was Ram’s favorite mother and he was sure he would get what he wanted. Details, one can read in earlier post KAEKAI AND RAM .

Now what is the Dharm we got from this? One thing we must always keep in mind; that females had been more forthcoming when it came to making sacrifices for social causes. History also tells us that Kaekai played an important and extremely risky role in a war which saved King Dashrath life and which made Dashrath promise 2 favors, as per desire of Kaekai.

Here Kaekai was prepared to take the entire blame of Ram’s exile, though it was Ram who wanted to go and stay in forest. She would be so defamed that no one, even lakhs of years later be prepared to name their daughter as Kaekai. She also knew very well that even her only son Bharat would no longer give her respect, yet she did what Ram wanted.

We must remember one thing; Kaekai was not gaining anything here. She was doing this for females and weaker section of society. She knew Ram would ensure one man one wife rule for society, which would help females. On the other hand Vaanars required urgent rehabilitation, which no one except Ram could do. As such she accepted Ram’s request.

For princes and queens the Dharm could be human welfare and welfare of weaker section; but for an ordinary female this would translate into being sensitive to the needs of females in the family and financially or otherwise weaker members of the larger family and people living in the society/vicinity.

Remember females and weaker section of the society has always been exploited, and this is true even today. The Dharm thus lays special emphasis on females to be over vigilant regarding this. In case females want the society to help in this they must come forward.

Unfortunately these Dharm are not being told to the masses in the desired manner. 

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