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Ram asked Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha test as victorious army chief, and as king he decided this issue on the basis of evidence. The physical evidence was against Sita, except Agni Pariksha test.
WE KNOW that there were serious atrocities being committed on females during Pre Ram era, which required God to come as human and set things right. Agni Pariksha was one such Adharm, which even had the support of religious leaders.
During the avatar of Lord Vishnu as Shri Ram and Goddess Lakshmi as Mata Sita, among many things that they did for humanity, they also abolished Agni Pariksha. 

Since avatars, just like all other human beings, do not have any supernatural powers, and only use the opportunity that come in their way, it is important to analyze the method used by Shri Ram and Mata Sita to abolish Agni Pariksha. It is important to also know the subtle difference between avatar and other human being.

It is an accepted belief that every person who comes on this earth gets ample opportunity to move forward and also chose the path one wants to take. Of course a human may or may not be able to utilize those opportunity or might even chose a wrong one. But an avatar is an incarnation of God, who takes birth on this earth for a specific purpose. 

Since God, as we understand, knows everything, HE does have some knowledge as to which path to take, when to take and when to leave that path and chose a fresh one. God knows what result HE wants. But, Karma or action of individuals is NOT in the hands of God. 

That is where Hindus differ from other religions. We believe that we, as humans, have complete control on our Karma or action. So although God has, should we say, better knowledge and understanding of which path to chose, HE also, is not in a position to control karma of individuals. 

Remember the result of Karma of various humans result in chain of events which is not even controlled by God, and is the best answer why Hindus have avatars. This also gets support from the fact that though God wants His creation to prosper and thrive, it slowly keeps on moving towards path of destruction, and that is why we have different ERAs, Kalp or Mahayugs, accepting and acknowledging total destruction and start of fresh life. 

In between God as Avatar do come on this earth to correct the path but his efforts, result only in short term correction as Humanity has a strong tendency to move towards destruction. Avatars also sometimes, find themselves in desperate situation, and how the avatar deals and comes out of those desperate situations, usually provides an important Dharm.

Perhaps an example would help. Ram stayed in forest to educate and train Vaanars so that they may eventually find a place in civilized world of humans. Sita was abducted by Ravan and Ram decided to arrange Vaanar Sena to fight Rakshas so that it would become easier for Vaanars to be accepted in mainstream of civilized society. Kishkindha was a big settlement of Vaanars, and Ram wanted Vaanars from there to be part of his army, but Bali, the king of Vaanar settlement at Kishkindha, was a friend of Ravan and, everyone knew, would not oblige. Here we can see how desperate even an avatar could become. Ram was forced to kill Bali by decisively interfering in a man to man combat from outside.Read: RAM SUGRIVE FRIENDSHIP PACT.. AN ANALYSIS 

Coming back to the subject, one of the main reasons of avatar of Shri Ram and Mata Sita was to end atrocities on women. Agni Pariksha was one such test which had stamp of approval of religious leaders and required to be abolished. As avatars, Ram and Sita were to declare Agni Pariksha as Adharm. And declare it in such a way that people of all ages and Yugs, in future, are forced to ponder over it, and respect why it was abolished.

Remember Avatars use the events to send the right message. Ram and Sita both loved each other very much, yet to follow the Maryada (noblest tradition) of his time Ram asked Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha test as victorious army chief, and when he became king he decided this issue on the basis of physical evidence. As it happened, during the trial of Sita the entire physical evidence was against Sita, and the only evidence STRONGLY in favor of Sita was Agni Pariksha test which had the sanctity of religion. Shri Ram ruled that such cases can only be decided on the basis of physical evidence, and further ruled Agni Pariksha did not prove anything in this particular case. He declared Agni Pariksha as Adharm and ORDAINED that use of Agni Pariksha in such cases will be considered as Adharm and dealt with accordingly. Read: Agni Pariksha of Sita..Facts and RAM BASHING AND HOW TO END THIS

Me, as writer of this post, and all Gurus accept that Ram and Sita loved each other dearly. They suffered personally to set example (for humanity) which is important even now, yet at some point of time in past an explanation was added in Valmiki’s Ramayan that Ram asked Agni Dev (a supernatural entity) for safe keeping of Sita and only SHADOW (chaaya) of Sita was left with Ram, and so Agni Pariksha was necessary to bring the real Sita back. 

A very ridiculous explanation of an event considering the fact that the explanation, itself states that Ram asked Agni Dev for safe keeping of Sita in TOTAL PRIVACY when even Lakshman was not there, and yet Ram asks for Agni Pariksha in public, thereby bringing in a very explosive event in Ramayan, which encourages exploitation of females.

Will Sanatan Dharm do this? 
Will Hindu God do this or for that matter any God or decent person does this? 
Some mistake had happened somewhere. 
But look at the quality of educated Hindus now. Even with the advantage of Information they are not opposing this.

Also remember your Dharm, your Gurus and Hindu society wants everyone to believe that Ramayan is History of Treta Yug, and history is always “facts plus presentation”. An example is that although the same history is being taught in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, yet the presentation makes it look altogether different in each country. So what are we waiting for? Why are we Not correcting the mistake?

The other thing that we must understand is that both Shri Ram and Mata Sita showed a fair amount of renouncement, more so Shri Ram when he chose Vanvaas. As such it can be said with certainty that Ram had no intention to stick to the throne by disowning Sita. Here the distinction between a normal human and an avatar is more pronounced. Just ask yourself if a person is detached when it comes to power like throne, and loves his wife dearly, would he not abdicate the throne? Yes with these qualities a human will do. But Ram and Sita were Avatars. Their personal sufferings were less important than their primary objective to establish Dharm. The only way Ram and Sita could have established Agni Pariksha as Adharm was by disowning Sita on the basis of physical evidence and declaring Agni Pariksha as Adharm.

Even today females in remote areas are asked to prove their chastity by burning camphor (kapoor) on their hands or by other fire tests and invariably example of Agni Pariksha of Sita is given. And we the educated Hindus keep on waiting (since we are PASSIVE and do not have the guts to speak even for the truth) for some authoritative voice, and allow such atrocities on females.

The authoritative voice, the Gurus and religious leaders are after wealth and power and they do not have time for such petty things as exploitation of females in the name of religion which invariably results in RAM BASHING.

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