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Our Passiveness provides excuses that corrupt politicians and God-will are the reason for miseries and non-performance of democracy. NO, it is our Passive attitude. WE ELECT the representatives~~ REMEDY: Hindus are strong religious society. Preaching of WRONG Dharm is causing all problems. Use of SUPERNATURAL powers in describing HISTORICAL events of Ramayan and MAHABHARAT, causes Passiveness.
We have earlier discussed how interpretations and interpolations were used to change the meaning of History, which is Ramayan. Perhaps this was necessary earlier when people were less informed and there were limited sources of information. But now the same is causing serious damage to Hindu society as all this has made them passive.

Let us start with Manthara’s mind being manipulated by Goddess Swarswati. The simple question that I most humbly request you all to answer is who is responsible in case a mature person is taking a decision? Is it the person who is taking the decision, or God? How many times have we made a wrong assessment that whatsoever is happening in our country is because of corrupt politicians and Not because of our Passive attitude? After all WE ELECT the representatives. No it was Kaekai who asked for banishment of Ram and she only was responsible, and also perhaps Shri Ram.
For instance we are told that Hanuman went to collect Sanjeevani from Himalayas. We also know now that there is a mountain in Shri Lanka, which is different from other mountains and even today herbs are collected from this for various ailment by local population. This mountain was considered BLESSED for herb plantation because Lakshman was cured from herbs of this mountain. Was this brought from Himalayas? Certainly NOT! Hanuman ji did bring a whole set of herbal plants, including Sanjeevani plant along with the roots instead of leaves, and this was grown there and thrived there since then. He could not and did not bring the whole mountain from Himalayas. That would have required SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers, for which we have already agreed that these powers were not available. Use of such powers in describing events of Ramayan causes Passiveness in Hindu Society.
However, we do have a proof of what is being said:
A trap was laid by a team of Rakshas when Hanuman was going towards Himalayas to ensure that the mission of Hanuman ji failed. We now know that there were flying machines available as Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya using one such machine. Hanuman ji was using one such machine while moving towards Himalayas. Now please answer where would the Rakshas wait to trap Hanuman? The answer is obvious. Since such machines were limited, the refueling station where the machine could be refueled was the place where the trap was laid. They were absolutely certain that Hanuman ji had to come over there. Hanuman ji landed there, had the machine refueled and was informed by a well-wisher about the trap. During the subsequent fight, Hanuman ji barely managed to escape along with his machine. Perhaps he also damaged his machine. So he asked Bharat at Ayodhya for help. We know that by the time Hanuman ji reached Ayodhya, he fainted. Since fortunately, the injuries were minor he recovered immediately. Bharat gave him his own machine for transporting him to Lanka. We can now fully understand why Hanuman ji is called GYANI. Ramayan becomes more credible as we shed the illogical use of SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. 
We also now know the meaning of Indra Rath used by Shri Ram. It may be noted that while Shri Ram was not allowed to use the skilled army of Kingdoms, Shri Ram was entitled to use the arsenal and machines to carry them in war. Indra Rath was the latest such machine, perhaps an armored vehicle. Since the vehicle also contained a skilled driver, this exception was made in fight against Ravan. 
Golden Deer, as per information available today, even a child would answer this; that it was a remote control mechanically, man made, deer. 
Regarding Naagpaash; we know that even in war there are certain rules. By using a guided chemical weapon having a very limited potency to engulf maximum 2 persons Rakshas broke the rule. The effect of that chemical gas was that it would slowly suffocate the persons affected. The rule was broken. Hanuman immediately understood this. He knew Shri Ram and Vaanars were not even authorized to use (during war) sophisticated air bone medical service available with some kingdoms although assessable to them on demand. The name of the service was Garurda. But since the rule was broken by Rakshas by using chemical weapon, Hanuman immediately called for it.
Interpretations and interpolations have made Ramayan a tool to help the Gurus and religious propagators to grow more rich and powerful and conversely make the Hindu society PASSIVE and POOR. Please try to understand one thing very clearly. Hindus are extremely religious society, and have full faith in their Dharm, so the propagation of WRONG Dharm is causing all problems in Hindu Society and PASSIVE attitude.
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