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Now we can move on to the next stage of our understanding of SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.The quality of life is important for Hindus, and, in Kalyug, this is something more physical than spiritual. Hindu Dharm and philosophy provides input in two different areas; one is spiritual and the other is physical.
Before we venture any further, the first thing that we have to understand is the actual meaning of ‘quality of life’. This is one phrase which has been vastly misunderstood, in the sense that the scientific world could not even determine the physical parameters of good quality of life. To understand this further, let us follow some physical parameter.
The advancement of science has improved our, so called quality of like significantly, in various areas. This is a fact, which is easily verifiable. If one looks at each separate area, ex: health, communication, transport, private comfort and utilities, entertainment, infrastructure; one will find significant improvement has been made in each areas.
But now the shocker; while the improvement in each area is positive the sum total of improvement of ALL areas is NEGATIVE. And it is not insignificantly negative. The negativity is so great that humanity is facing the biggest threat of extinction, because of man made problems, associated with causing serious problems to environment, while improving quality of life in the above and related areas. So, perhaps the definition of quality of life that we have started accepting and understanding is not correct. Maybe the environment friendly behavior, followed by Hindus of other Yugs, and as mentioned in our ancient history was more appropriate.

The scientific world knows and understands that the sum total of all positive has to be a much greater positive and NOT extreme negative.

We will now use Vedanta Jyotish to understand the meaning of life with reference to Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Remember contrary to the accepted belief, Vedanta Jyotish is not Astrology. Astrology believes in definite forecasting of future events. Vedanta Jyotish, since it believes in Karmic theory, i.e., it believes Karma is supreme and can change, modify, even alter future events, only believes in trends and how they could unfold in future with a rider that Kama can change, modify, even alter these trends. Jyotish, as the name suggests throws light on any issue or subject which one wants to understand using Vedanta Jyotish as a tool.

Since there are 12 houses or divisions in Jyotish, the first four division or houses constitute SATYAM, the next four divisions denotes SHIVAM and the last four SUNDARAM.

Please note one may not be able to fully appreciate this article until and unless he or she has already read the earlier article, namely MEANING OF SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM .

Birth is denoted by Lagna or first house, family (Kutumbh) and strength or wealth of the family where a child is born can be visualized by second house. Third house signifies courage, brothers and sisters, fourth mother, home, education, and other sources of happiness in your home.

Birth of a child is a physical event, and so are most of the other things mentioned. This is Satyam, the truth. You are born with a definite amount of inputs. Remember these four houses indicate the inputs which are yours. Remember, for every individual born on this earth, Lord Shiv provides vast number of resources. When we are talking of resources, it is pertinent to note that even if a child is born in a very poor family, the resources are vast; all you have to do is to expand the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th house, and the resources are there. Practical examples would make one understand better. Most of the top rich people and great people were born in extremely poor conditions. They used the resources, that came in there way, well. This is Satyam; although it does not mean much, a quote from Shakespeare would further confirm what has been said “Brutus: There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” Shiv provides ample opportunity to everyone on this earth to grow.

Shivam, as told in the previous post means giving more and taking or accepting less. Shiv is Shivam because HE gives everything. He does not even have a cottage of his own. Fifth to eight house denotes Shivam. Fifth provides information on children and higher education, sixth tells us about sickness, enemies and services, seventh throws light on external interaction including one’s spouse, eight denotes mysteries, and life.
Note: These are the areas where one spends more than one receives. For children, one spends lot, for higher education, the rule is that the society must and should receive more , for services one is paid for more value addition then what is being paid otherwise the person will not take your services. External interactions which also includes spouse, once again requires spending. Life is consumed as one goes along.
It is an accepted Hindu belief that one comes empty handed in this world and also leaves empty handed. During ones journey through this earth, one interacts with his family, his foes and friends, his external interaction, both professional and Dharmic, and also with the environment. Now during this journey one has to leave, as far as possible more positive affects; and that is one thing everyone has to keep in mind all the time. That is what is expected of you as Shivam.

It is true that in some of the areas listed above one will feel that he or she is getting more material benefit than the inputs, but that is the purpose of this article. Similar thing will happen when we will discuss Sundaram. Ultimately it is the balancing, done by nature or cosmos of quantum of Satyam, Shivam Sundaram. This article wants you to understand and BLISSFULLY decide yourself, the quantum of Satyam Shivam Sundaram, instead of nature doing that. Make your life more beautiful. Life will definitely be more attractive and meaningful in case you are master of your own destiny.

Sundaram, as the name suggests means beautiful. Life is beautiful. And so is the world where we live in. This is one belief which is important to cultivate. Until and unless one cultivates this belief, there is no way one can understand the Physical meaning of SHIV and Satyam, Shivam Sundaram, which this post endeavors to do. Remember cultivation of believe and honestly accepting its meaning, implication and usage are prerequisite for ending all miseries in life. And all miseries will vanish or automatically start affecting you in a much dilute manner as soon you start following this. One has to understand in very clear term why most of us feel that our life is miserable. The answer is here, simple. But first let us understand Sundaram, using Vedanta Jyotish. 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th house constitute Sundaram. 9th house indicates fortune, Guru and Dharm; 10th indicates Karma or Profession; 11th: gains, 12th: losses. As such these are the houses which are most important for every individual. No wonder they are getting classified as Sundaram.

While the first four house indicate the resources the next four house provide the areas where one spends more and get less, the last four house determine the real acts of your, through Dharm and Karma, which can make you happy or miserable. Vedanta Jyotish considers 9th and 10th house the most important, and now we too can understand the clear reason for this. After all 9th indicate the Dharm, i.e. the morality behind all your acts or Karma, and 10th house indicates Karma. So actually, Vedanta Jyotish, here clearly tells us that we alone can improve or spoil the quality of life; because 9th and 10th house and how we perform is one thing which is actually in our control. Life is and will become Sundaram, if we so desire.

That is why the importance on Honesty in thought and believe was emphasized earlier. The whole idea behind writing this post is to end exploitation in the name of religion; and for the same reason, Vedanta Jyotish was used as a tool. Remember, and this is important, no one is asking you here to believe in Astrology. No, having used Vedanta Jyotish as a tool, I would like to reiterate that the only reason of using Vedanta Jyotish as a tool was to allow an individual to understand the areas important to understand and improve Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram. He need not be further exploited in the name of religion; NO now he can understand the areas that each (SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM) signifies by consulting any primary book on astrology, or at WWW i.e. on INTERNET, and finding the significance of houses or divisions of twelve houses in Jyotish or astrology. The person himself becomes his Guru.

SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM, as one would have understood is something personal, which requires some regular time to be devoted so that life could be really colorful, enjoyable and beautiful.
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