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Ram Bashing is prevalent because of misinformation. Society must be told the TRUTH that Ram and Sita established Agni Pariksha as Adharm and suffered personal pain, agony and separation in doing that
What exactly is Ram Bashing?
Ram bashing is FALSE blame about ALLEGED atrocities committed by Shri Ram on his wife Sita. He is blamed for asking Sita to undergo the dreadful fire test to test her piousness. This test is called Agni Pariksha. And in spite of her successfully undertaking the FIRE TEST, Ram is blamed for disowning Sita, when she was pregnant. It is alleged that he did this to appease his public.

Agreed, members in the general public of Ayodhya felt that after the stay of Sita at Raven’s place, Ram should not accept her as Queen, but this ISSUE was decided FAIRLY by King Ram in an open COURT and in a FAIR trial.

The serious problem is that because of excessive use of interpretations and interpolations in explaining events of Ramayan, these events are combined to FALSELY construct and blame Ram for atrocities on Sita. And that is exactly what Ram Bashing is all about.

Let us first get the CORRECT facts:

1. Shri Ram and Mata Sita are human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. 
2. There were serious atrocities on females during pre Ram era which required serious action from PEOPLE IN POWER.  
3. Sita was abducted by Ravan.
4. After complete and decisive victory over Ravan when Sita was brought before Ram, Ram asked for Agni Pariksha of Sita in front of huge gathering. Sita satisfactorily goes through the test and accepted back by Ram. Here Ram, as a victorious army chief was following the Maryada (finest traditions) of his time to decide whether to accept Sita back. 
5. After reaching Ayodhya Ram is crowned as King, and Sita Queen of Ayodhya.
6. There is resentment amongst the people of Ayodhya regarding the “alleged voluntary stay of Sita at Ravan’s place which was decided by Ram in his favor killing Ravan, a highly respected Bhramin and thousands of Rakshas”. This allegation was becoming louder and clearer as the days progressed. 
7. Left with no option, Ram decided to hold an open court of inquiry in which Sita could plead her case and people would plead their case. 
8. In this Court, the evidence was produced. All the PHYSICAL evidence was totally against Sita, details of which are provided:
a) Sita transgressed the LAKSHMAN REKHA without any use of physical force from Ravan.
b) Sita abandoned her ornaments at Kishkinda so that Ram could get them back.

c) When Hanuman came to meet Sita at Ashok Vatika, Sita cajoled him to go and eat fruits so that Hanuman could be caught.
9. The only evidence which was STRONGLY in her favor was success in Agni Pariksha. However Ram decided in an open court that this evidence was untenable as this did not in any way decide the physical realities on which the decision has to be taken. He rejected the result of Agni Pariksha and ruled that such decisions could only be taken on the basis of physical evidence. Use of Agni Pariksha in future would be deemed to be an ADHARM, he ruled.
One important thing that is opposed by certain vested interest is the contention that Shri Ram disowned Sita after a fair trial. If YOU WERE THERE, would you have disowned your wife, who had successfully passed the fearsome Agni Pariksha without giving her a FAIR trial? And especially when you were a King and your intention was to establish Dharm or rule of Law? Remember the policy of APPEASEMEMT (after all disowning ones wife for the sake of remaining king is a policy of appeasement) is followed by weak persons, and such person can never bring any reforms. Shri Ram, subsequently established RAMRAJYA, which required fair and just rule of law. No, Sita was disowned by Shri Ram after a fair trial on the basis of Physical evidence. Read : Agni Pariksh Of Sita… Facts 
The first thing to keep in mind is that Hindus accept and believe that Shri Ram and Devi Sita are human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, respectively.
The other things that have to be remembered before drawing any conclusion are as follows:
a) Shri Ram asked Sita to undergo the fearful and dreaded fire test, popularly known as Agni Pariksha. But then we forget that both Shri Ram and Devi Sita were human incarnation of God and as Human their main purpose was to establish Dharm and end atrocities by abolishing Adharm. Once we accept the theory of Human incarnation of God, it also automatically presupposes that NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan.
b) It is important to mention briefly that History everywhere in the world had been subjected to interpretations and interpolations. For further details one can read the post: INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION in Ramayan . One thing is to be remembered about History. History is always FACTS PLUS PRESENTATION. History is based on facts; presentation is based on convenience of the powers to be.
c) Why an event as explosive as Agni Pariksha is included in Ramayan?
I can assure you, the first thing any rational person would try to visualize is the social and geographical background. Read my post, namely HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP. A new Kalp had started with Satya Yug. There were some people whose several generations had sailed over water and had entered this new Yug. Others were evolving through the process of evolution like Vaanars.
They were early days of human development. There were certain draconian laws and tests, which existing at those times. Some such laws, tests were not followed by general public, but they nevertheless became religious belief and were considered noblest as everyone could not follow them. Agni Pariksha and other humiliating draconian tests for females existed. Religious leaders were forcing females to take these tests, in which such females would invariably die.
Since the belief had become religious, it was important to abolish it, and abolish it in such a way, that people of all time to come could remember this. For this a very powerful and highly respectable person was needed. And what better person than Chakravarti Samraat Shri Ram, who, also established RAMRAJYA.
d) When we view the facts we will find that there were serious atrocities on females prior to Ram era. Even religious persons of repute were involved in these atrocities. Since religious persons were involved in such atrocities they even manipulated religion to support such atrocities. Read: PRE RAM ERA..DHARM USED FOR EXPLOITATION OF FEMALES..RAM ENDED THIS 
e) Agni Pariksha at that time was the finest and noblest Maryada (or tradition) to determine the chastity of a woman. Now how could Ram declare this as Adharm? As victorious army chief he asked Sita for Agni pariksha, but as soon as he became King, he decided the ALLEGED VOLUNTARY stay of Sita at Raven’s place on the basis of physical evidence only, declaring Agni Pariksha as ADHARM. Read: Agni Pariksh Of Sita… Facts 
Please remember and understand that Ram Bashing is prevalent in this society because of better communication and availability of information. In other word Ram Bashing was not there about 100 years earlier. True there might have been some people even then who would have felt that Ram had done a great injustice to Sita by disowning her even after Agni Pariksha; but since there was less information and far less communication resources, the explanation that Shri Ram send Sita to forest so that he could establish that the King should set an example was sufficient to satisfy the dissatisfied persons.
During that period, regarding Agni-Pariksha, an explanation was given that real Sita was with AGNI Dev. Please note that this is an explanation accepting supernatural powers. We need to ignore this. It has NO use in this information age. Now the correct information is required and that too, without explanation. The readers can draw their own conclusions.
REMEMBER: The main reason, for Lord Vishnu to come on this earth as Shri RAM was to ensure: 
(a) Rehabilitation of Vaanars as Humans and 
(b) To abolish Agni Pariksha plus 
(c) To establish Ram Rajya. 
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Harish Kumar said...

Explanation from Aurobindo's perspective

Please find below the explanation of the Agni Pariksha from Sri Aurobindo's perspective

Unknown said...

A very interesting comment. I MOST HUMBLY request you to answer this…

Q)What is your definition or meaning of Sanatan Dharm?

MY Ans: The non bookish meaning of Sanatan Dharm is growth of entire Hindu Society on equal opportunity basis. Why this definition is not being given due publicity by religious organizations is baffling. However after independence, the Hindu society is becoming poorer and wealth of Gurus has increased manifold.

Q)How would you verify Dharm is being preached rightly or wrongly?

My Ans: Remember whenever in doubt that what is being said is correct or wrong, we must have a reference point which could decide that how much we are deviating from correct answer.

My reference point is the Hindu society, and how the things that are being said here will affect them.

Q:IF Ramayan is History of HUMANS, how will you arrive at correct historical perspective of events?

My Ans: It has been stated on every page of this blog, at the top of the page itself that this blog author does not believe in SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. Ramayan is History of HUMANS. This has been explained in detail along with definitions in post: “INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION in Ramayan”.

I need your answers..I repeat..these question needs detail answering..

Regarding Agni Pariksha: Please note there was serious exploitation of females during Pre Ram era,, in which Dharmic leaders were also involved. Agni Pariksha represents the brute exploitation of females using Dharm. Shri Ram and Mata Sita established Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM. How? I am afraid to avoid repeating what has been stated in details in the post, I would request you to read the following posts of my blog:

c. Pre Ram Era..Dharm used for exploitation of females..Ram ended this

However since the blog is dedicated to remove misconception about Ramayan, it is better you read all posts and help in removing misconception about Ramayan.

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Unknown said...


I would have been more comfortable answering your comment, if you had identified yourself.

Anyway, the answer is based on historical facts, and a person with Astha can have his/her own different conclusions.

Secondly the post, unlike others, ACCEPTS that Sanatan Dharm is for the welfare of the present Generation or Samaj, and this post is meant to end Ram-Bashing...


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