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Vaanars were not monkeys but evolved humans in Ramayan

Let us get the facts right. We have been deceived in the name of religion for far too long. According to one version, ANJANI the mother of Hanuman was NOT a MONKEY. She was the daughter of Gautam Rishi and Ahaliya. She got pregnant without marriage, and in order to avoid further humiliation she was sent towards Hills, where she gave birth to Hanuman. She handed the child to his rightful father Kesari.
It is believed that she was not even allowed to meet Kesari, so she threw Hanuman from a cliff, and Kesari on the ground below caught hold of Hanuman. Since he came by air route, he is also called Pavanputra. Whether she was forced to throw her child to get rid of the illegitimate child or this was done so that she could not even see and meet the father again is not known, but one thing is known, Hanuman was received from air route by Kesari, and as such was also called Pawanputra. Other conclusions have to be drawn by the readers.

According to the other version, Anjani was an Apsara, who was cursed to live as Monkey, or should we say evolved human with tail, and she married Kesari, the monkey King or King of evolved humans. Since we have already decided that we will stick to History of Humans (that simply means we will not accept any SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers), we can accept any version with the above rider, but the first version seem likely as this explains why Hanuman was a Bal Bhramchari, and why Hanuman did not succeed as king after Kesari (because he was born to an unmarried mother).

The one thing that differentiates Monkeys and Vaanars is the succession. Humans have a definite succession system; we, or for that matter, NO one else had heard any succession plan amongst monkeys. Angad son of elder brother of Sugrive succeeded Sugrive. Why Hanuman could not succeed as King in place of Kesari had not been elaborated in ancient text? The readers have to draw their own conclusion.

The other thing is education. Monkeys, or for that matter any animal can be taught skills. It is being done even now. But education is altogether different. You can educate Humans only. One has to understand the fine distinction between education and skills. Hanuman Ji was educated in an institution called Surya, which has been misrepresented as though he was provided education by SUN or Surya. Remember Surya means ‘end of darkness’. The institution named Surya ended the darkness of knowledge of its students.

The next issue we would like to discuss is Jamvant. His face was like a bear. We know that at times different animals do have friendship, but they do not stay together. In any case monkeys and bear are NOT known to have ever lived together. Jamvant represents another tribe of evolved Humans, who were different from those evolved Humans who were called Monkeys. We know that because Jamvant tribe was present during Shri Krishna era.

The Ram Setu, built by Vaanars, was not only a superb engineering feat, but a superb military engineering feat. A bridge of this length could only have been built within 24 hours by skilled military engineers only. For the first 3 days Shri Ram kept on pretending that he is worshiping Samundra Dev (Sea God) whereas resources and inputs were arranged during this time. The next day the bridge was constructed. A marvelous achievement indeed! 

Perhaps that is why we respect and accept Shri Ram as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. We do not accept him as an incarnation because of the supernatural skills, which he never exhibited, but because of extraordinary work done with evolved humans.

I repeat; incase we want to find the Dharm established by Shri Ram and Mata Sita, and follow it, then we have to accept that 'NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan'.

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