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Passive attitude of Hindus….Solutions

मादा भ्रूण हत्या की समाप्ती के लिए सख्त क़ानून होने के पश्च्यात भी बालिकाओं की गर्भ मैं हत्या, इस बात को बल देती है की कुछ गलत धार्मिक नेता इसमें अप्रत्यक्ष सहयोग दे रहे हैं| कोइ और निष्कर्ष संभव नहीं है~~After enactment of stringent laws, cases of female foeticide are increasing, the obvious conclusion is that certain fraudulent religious leaders have blessed this. No other conclusion is possible
We believe that every Hindu is eager to know how Hindus can change their passive attitude.It is extremely important  as even our genuine problems and demands are ignored by ruling parties because we are yet to find out how to assert ourselves.
However one thing that we had ignored during our previous post, is being produced here, as the public wanted to know how the religion was diluted during 1000 years of invaders rule. This post is in continuation to our earlier two posts: Are we doing enough as Hindu , HOW to resolve the passive attitude of Hindus
Here we are listing some detail of how the physical performing part of the religion was reduced during those 1000 years of invaders rule:
1. Since young unmarried girls were forcibly taken away, child marriage became the order of the day.
2. People became so terrified of after affects of girl child that they preferred to kill the girl as soon as she was born.

3. Performance of early marriage of girl became most important, for which dowry was asked for and given…those who could not afford dowry even went for older groom and/or much older groom.

4. Older groom and much older groom caused in most cases widowhood to these young girls. These young girls were susceptible to various exploitation…To curb this SATI was enforced forcefully.
5. Oppression of the severest kind was used for conversion. In such case to SUSTAIN the Hindu society, Karma was given a temporary burial, since resistance was futile.
6. Since invaders also wanted to rule and collect taxes, caste system was further given a boost as it automatically organized Hindus in various groups, which helped in collecting taxes.
7. With the burial of Karma, pooja and rituals, or Bhakti as it was called was declared sufficient to perform religion.
8. Even fasting, an all important part of any pooja or ritual, was diluted significantly, so that people can have the satisfaction of successfully performed the religious obligation. People were told not to consume grains, cereals and salt, but they were allowed to consume milk, milk products, other eatables and fruits. People were thus allowed to enjoy their special meals of rich products and were still declared as on fast.
9. To keep the hope that oppression will end and ever thing will be alright, the potency of God was also increased.
Continuing with our discussion about upbringing of child, one will be failing in his duties if the issue of female foeticide is not brought up. How can a Dharmic society, which spends lot of money on religion, can ever have a single such case? Unfortunately the quantity of cases are so immense that male/female ratio in several states has become critical. And this after the government has enacted most stringent laws.
Do we understand the implication of this? In case, after enactment of stringent laws, cases of female foeticide are increasing, the obvious conclusion is that certain fraudulent religious leaders or Gurus have blessed this…no other conclusion is possible.
The SRC has to ensure and clearly state that anyone involved in female foeticide is an Adharmi, and tell the society what God will do with such Paapis.[Please note that abbreviation SRC will be used to represent Centralized SAPT RISHI COMMITTEE]
Similarly for all the other earlier reduction in physical performing part of the religion, suitable Dharmic orders are to be issued and enforced. It may be mentioned here that the above list is not complete. Lot more is to be added to it. People from every region has to help in preparing an exhaustive list.
Positive performance of Dharm improves the condition of every one in the society and starts from SELF. As such your stake is ABSOLUTE.
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I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.