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HOW to resolve the passive attitude of Hindus

हिंदू समाज को एक केन्द्रिय समिति की आवश्यकता है| हिंदू समाज अकेला समाज है, जिसको यह भी नहीं बताया जाता कि त्यौहार/पर्व के लिए उपयुक्त तिथि कैसे और क्यूँ निकाली जाती है ~~We need centralized committee to look after the affairs of Hindu Religion. we are the only society which do not tell its believers why a specific festival is celebrated on a specific tithi
Formation of a centralized committee(SAPT RISHI COMMITTEE or SRC) to look after the affairs of Hindu Religion is a must. In this information age, and with abundant wealth, it is indeed shameful that we are the only society which do not tell its believers why a specific festival is celebrated on a specific tithi, and whether the date has been finalized in transparent manner.
One thing is important. Responsibility. Either the gurus and religious leaders declare that Sanatan Dharm cannot improve the condition of Hindu Samaj, or SRC must take complete responsibility of POSITIVE PERFORMANCE.
Almost everyone wants to know how Hindus can change their passive attitude.After all there is no use in diagnosing problem, and then not providing a solution.
The first step towards solution is that we must have a respectful centralized religious body(SRC) to take decisions. Right now there is none. But there is no need to be alarmed. The important thing is that we do not have to create any infrastructure. It already exists.
Now the solution. Please note we are not the only one who has faced the problem due to invasion on culture. Others too, have felt the need, for, so called Cultural Revolution, like China. In China the Government decided about the revolution, here the centralized Religious Body would decide the steps.
One thing everyone must understand very clearly, the solution is simple but it has to be followed by majority of Hindus, to feel the change in attitude. As I said earlier, the change in attitude is statistically measurable behavior. And that is precisely why a Centralized Religious Body of Hindus  is required, and it has to have a good numbers of Social experts and experts in other fields. 
Please note that abbreviation SRC will be used to represent SAPT RISHI COMMITTEE 
Every adult individual has to bring in Honesty in Thought and Action inside his home, and obviously in all his acts. He has to tell SRC that for at least for next 10 years only Ramayan and Mahabharat should be the basis of formulating Dharm for Hindus. The reason for this is to take advantage of repeated telecast of these serials in every Indian language. As such people know the history associated with Ramayan and Mahabharat, SRC has to tell the Dharm.
How Dharmic rituals are being misused, and made enjoyable, fun with no performance associated with this, is known to everyone.Let me explain; I shall be talking only about North India, because I was born and brought up over there. Similarly peoples from other regions, have to provide information from their regions.
During FASTING, people of North India CONSUME lot of fruits, milk, and rich milk products like sweets. The only thing they are not consuming is cereals, grains and salt. As said earlier, the reason behind this is that during invaders rule, the emotional content of religion was increased, substituting the physical content. But now this is DISHONESTY, and ZERO performance of Dharmic Rituals.
FAST CANNOT MEAN EATING RICH SPECIAL FOOD. This is cheating, and may I ask you, whom are you cheating? This attitude needs to be changed.
KAVACHAUT, a fasting festival for ladies is celebrated in almost all houses of North India. It is now, even, glamorized by all TV channels. Now my question is to young males whose wives are celebrating this..Q can you say in front of your family members and friends, this statement of FACT.. I need the blessings of my wife for my long life and protection of my life, and that is why my wife celebrates this……. I am sure not a single educated male, who is independent will be able to say this, yet all of them are celebrating this..TOTALLY DISHONEST ATTITUDE …one can say.
One can go on and on…however I do want to mention some more, though briefly:
We all talk of corruption, which exists everywhere, but we prefer to sit in our drawing rooms and carry this discussion, also expressing our helplessness for what is happening. We forget that we have a democracy, and we can sort out, at least, most of the corruption related problems in ones’ vicinity, in case the entire society, Mohalla or sub sector walks out on street. But this will only be possible incase the religion says that ‘you will go to hell in case you all do no unite to fight this corruption’.
Right now our religion is promoting Wealth and Pleasure for Gurus and Matth Owners….and for that they need to further increase the PASSIVE attitude of Hindus…. And they are succeeding.
When a child is born in our family, we have to understand that God has accepted our request for an AGENCY to bring in new members in our society. A child is born in our family because of the kindness of God, and not for what we are and we can do. Yet from day 1, we start feeling that he has to represent us and we load him with books, tuition and what not, even snatching his childhood. Is it not CHEATING GOD?
The resolution of Passive attitude will require lot more than what has been said above. We shall be continuing discussion in subsequent posts.
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I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.