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If for Lord Krishna the King of Dwarika, decision can be taken by others as to how he and Dwarika would contribute in Mahabharat war, all I can say and summarize is that our Dharm Gurus are teaching us Adharm(irreligious things), which is CRIMINAL, and should be strongly opposed.

It’s true previously when the society was less educated and less informed, everything was accepted as faith with no questions asked, but why today? Suppose India wants to participate in a war, then …

Who will decide how India will participate? The warring parties, or INDIANS, and INDIAN GOVERNMENT?

Because in case the answer is the representative of Warring parties, then the Dharm Gurus are surely and speedily ensuring that the Hindu Society is ENSLAVED once again. We also need to understand that Hindu Society is totally PASSIVE and would not only APPRECIATE (?) but PRAISE the answer given by Dharm Guru which would take us towards Slavery. That happens to be the biggest handicap and it does not matter if the society is now educated.

Remember in case the WARRING parties, in this case represented by Arjun and Duryodhan could decide how Dwarika and Shri Krishna would contribute in Mahabharat, it certainly means that Mahabharat, the Granth, had not been understood properly and if Ganesh ji found it difficult to comprehend, please enlighten how the present translators or experts are so sure of their translation. No all Puraans are CODED HISTORY including Ramayan and Mahabharat and to add to this Mahabharat has an additional code as per Ganesh Vyas Samvad. 

REPEAT: IF Arjun and Duryodhan decided Dwarika and Shri Krishna’s contribution in Mahabharat War, then Mahabharat, the GRANTH, had not been understood and if Ganesh ji found it difficult, how the present translators or experts are so sure of their translation. PURAANS, including Ramayan and Mahabharat are CODED and Mahabharat also has an additional code as per Ganesh-Vyas Samvad.

Yet NO TRANSLATOR EVER SPEAKS ABOUT THIS. Is it Blasphemy or Convenience? 

I think it is well thought out strategy to ensure luxury to Dharm Guru, and who cares if Hindu Society is getting doomed. Some reasons would be told, as no questions are ever asked.

Now back to main question; EVEN an illiterate would answer correctly, that Dwarika and Shri Krishna alone can decide their war strategy and if the decision is taken otherwise it amounts to treason, and extreme corruption 

I do request all readers to hence forth stop and oppose anti social and anti national comment by Dharm gurus that Arjun and Duryodhan decided how Shri Krishna and Dwarika will contribute in Mahabharat War. India boosts of large undivided families which did, at times, entered into conflict with others, and such conflicts were invariably discussed within the family to work out strategy. So is the case with countries; the peoples representatives and the Government decides, and CERTAINLY NO INTERFERENCE IS TOLERATED. Friendly countries know that and NEVER DO that, enemies are otherwise not welcome. 

In short, outside interference is NEVER TOLERATED.

So please ask Dharm Gurus to at least speak truth that some portions of GRANTHS (TEXTS) are not comprehendible, and resist the teaching of ADHARM.

Regarding the reasons for supporting both sides which in itself should have raised eye brows, you will get the answer in post: WHY KRISHNA PROVIDED FORCES TO KAURAVS and SIDED UNARMED WITH PANDAVS URL :

Hindu Society needs your support. JAI GANESH, JAY MAHARISHI VYAS, JAY Shri KRISHNA !!!

For Hindi Readers:
कृष्ण ने कौरवो को सेना और बिना अस्त्र पांडवो का साथ युद्ध मैं क्यूँ दिया?

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